This is a Quarlangian age species of bipeds resembling modern day lion fish.

The Xocanth are a tribe of undersea dwellers known for their raider culture and a pronounced sense of jealousy, particularly as it relates to actual Quarlangians. Unable to manifest the use of Determination that the other races had, the Xocanth culture began to degenerate into a series of oneupsmanship displays, theft, and harassment of those who did. It is hard to say what pronounced them to begin feeling this way but they may have seen themselves as a whole beginning to fall behind while the Quarlangians built an empire the likes which none had seen.

Unlike Quarlangians, the Xocanth did have gods; Amon and Dagon, although there is nothing to suggest these gods were material in nature. Later on, they ‘abduct’ the idols of a sea harvest god developed by the Neanderthals and use it for their own. It is believed this harvest god would enable them to hire the assistance of the Cronites for their own ends.


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