Created partially by scavenged fallen soldiers in WW1 and then spliced into a new form of life using DNA leeched from Borland’s Necromatic Fog, these people are made into his agents after several degrees of training ranging from common sense, to occupational, and up to exploring strange new worlds. Made using inspiration from Caskerian’s Factory, UnMen were the deciding factor in defeating Borland’s rival, Veterren.

With Borland forced to remain in Ariadne’s Maze, he employs UnMen to be his eyes, ears, and fists as he attempts to make sense of what’s going on, citing that they will be the way he solves the mysteries occuring around him.

UnMen creation is a result of splicing, the results being fairly random. Borland is fine with this as he considers a good deal of scientific exploration to be ‘throwing things at a wall, seeing what sticks’. UnMen are generally considered expendable in nature as many of them are reckless and over violent in the wrong situations.

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