The Hierarchy

An alleged but unofficial division of all things, as related by Serket. It is apparently a recognized concept amongst many in the know. The Hierarchy basically establishes two things; the opposing ends of the scale upon which magic and science exist and the amount of Anum residing in beings on that scale, with magic being high and science being the opposite. The general version goes as follows.


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High Interstellar Sentience
The Yellow


The Hierarchy determines ‘the way beings exist’ and such is rarely subject to change. The example most often given is a man’s lofty desire to fly, but he has no wings as the bird. He can build devices to get around this somewhat, but it is never quite the real thing and the expenditure usage is often high. As such, man never truly flies on his own.

This list is by no means complete or detailed, only that it is the general idea of how it works.


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The Hierarchy

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