Nevermind (Kalpa 4)

A fairly peaceable location, Kalpa 4 consists of a floating island composed of lush vegetation, rivers made of wine, and a perpetual haze of cannabis set against an orange sunny sky. Additionally, it is shaped as a five frond hemp leaf.

Three of the fronds are ruled over by a trio of gods, respectively. They consist of Bacchus, Sweet Jane, and Santa Meurte. They exist somewhat independently but mainly in tolerance of each other. Bacchus’ section consists of an Octoberfest inspired biergarten in which fountains flow with grape wine while people party endlessly. The Dancers can be found here, most likely their place of origin. Santa Meurte commands the far north east frond in a place called Cartel Town where a violent gang holds sway over a slum-like barrio village. The goddess herself sits within a sinister oversized mausoleum/church. Finally, a projection of Sweet Jane can be found amongst farms and the Sweet River Hospital.

Sweet Jane is clearly the commanding force in Kalpa 4 as a massive shadow of her resides in the lotus position atop the aptly named Mount Nevermind, wherein one’s Enlightenment is tested by the embodiment of the universe, Anima Mundi.

After Wormwood crashes into Kalpa 5, Nevermind becomes pelangically contaminated. It is presumably destroyed when the pelangically contaminated gods explode.


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Nevermind (Kalpa 4)

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