Discovered by an UnMan in the plaza section of Ariadne’s Maze, Homefront consists of an old haunted mansion filled with both sentient and sapient furnishings, which is set amidst a series of forested hills. The origin of Homefront is not currently known although Mud Men have been said to have something to do with it. It may be a kind of Detour.

Anomalous inhabitants include:
A talking pull chain toilet with a taste for finery named Sterculius. He rewards a portion of Anum in return for these.
A talking pyromaniacal oven with a face in the rear section who desires to serve his natural purpose.
A non-speaking tool rack capable of small physical gestures.
A floating silent kitchen knife which patrols the lower floor.

Homefront is currently looked after by Sandolucian the Guttersnipe.

Homefront is allegedly destroyed after the manor is is detached from the Maze, while under attack.

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