Fallen Star Glen (Kalpa)

Once a series respectable elvish woodlands and villages (Timberdark and Brahams), an impact resulting from a fallen meteor above set the land ablaze with a peculiar alien fire known as Phlogiston. The kalpa caught ablaze and has been burning ever since. This has disrupted some of the local way of life, including driving many animals to a maddened terrified state.

Fallen Star Glen largely consists of thickly burning woodlands that never consume the source of their fire, seperated by long detouring trails. Some untouched sectors were seen not to be burning, but these were in a minority.

With the addition of the fire being put out, things go well in this Kalpa for a little while until a contaminated Ma So Yan flies through and infects the area. She is put down and the contamination is soon removed using an underground Gigamuth and flooding the area with salt water thanks to Zeus and Poseidon. However, with the earth salted, the trees begin to die off and sicken. Soon, nothing will grow here.

After everything, Matthias and Lady Genevieve work together to restore this land.

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Fallen Star Glen (Kalpa)

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