Cronites are the end result of an experiment gone poorly when the Quarlangians tried to combine their DNA with that of the Gigamuth, in an effort to make them more resistant to Pelangic energies. Unfortunately, Cronites are a far cry from either species. They are tall and strong, but emaciated and bear more of Cronus’ unceasing hunger than a scientific mind or any serious ability to resist Pelangic contamination. Cronites are distinctly of low intelligence and barely more than primitive brutes.

The creatures somehow began replicating quickly and large amounts of them were put down due to the danger they caused. However, some managed to exist in the wild and convened on The Island of Hunger, a barren island where Cronus himself lay festering as a hillside.

In the past, an arrangement was made to gain their help by the more evil sea races, who gave them the ‘gift of the sea’, which was primarily lobster and crab. Cronites appeared to be non-aquatic and could not access these food sources on their own. The Cronites were soon abandoned, however, and they specifically avoided the sea areas citing they could hear Wormwood in the great distance. In essence, they knew death would come to the seas themselves before anyone else did.


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