Ariadne's Maze

A wholly anomalous confusing area described as being without actual time and created by a namesake female deity. Borland knows very little about it and has very little sway to what happens within. It is inhabited by various creatures, some halfway familiar and some not. Borland states the Maze can be used an a conduit or central nexus to explore other places, but parts of it are trackless or inexplicably forbidden. Borland’s section of the Maze is referred to as a ‘plaza’. Said plaza is watched over by a self aware common door known as a Watchman.

Creatures found inside have included a wandering wraith, invisible predatory Mudmen, an advice giving Atropal, a headless craftsman, and a gremlin with a ‘guess the number’ game.

The Maze appears to have designated color schemes for navigation purposes. Straying from them is said to result in becoming hopelessly lost (possibly turning the wanderer into a wraith) or facing some grimmer fate. Vulcan stated even a deity such as himself would be in danger from wandering out of a color coded area and that the Maze was worthy enough even for a god to fear treading.

The currently known color schemes are:

Red: Passages within the red have grasping hands like cilia lining the walls. Faces occasionally press in from the ceiling as if it were made of rubber, while indistinctive lumps quickly rise and fall in the floor. Kalpa 1 was located in the red zone.

White: Designated ‘extreme danger’ areas are seen as white to the viewer. Certain places cease to appear as white if the observer is more capable of traversing them.


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Ariadne's Maze

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