Ariadne's Manifesto

“The Quarlangian Phoenix Approach”

While Ariadne only had true words for the Quarlangians, she had an outlook about the universe that bears mentioning.

*Simply put, Ariadne insists the universe itself demands and deserves nothing more than its own destruction. It is a capricious mechanical judging structure that will not allow anything to thrive under its own invisible arbitrary designations. The universe operates on a perpetual flow of entropy, thereby returning it to that state of nothingness will make it clean again.

*Ariadne would have the Quarlangians restored, one way or another. They were created to succeed and punished for succeeding. The greater universe should have rules, but they should not be governed by capricious entities, but be without life and be manipulated like common tools and materials.

*Ariadne espouses both the total destruction of everything and the renewal of the early world where from simple means, great things may arise if one has the merit to cause them.

Ariadne partially succeeds. Although she does not destroy the universe, Shard creates a new universe for the Quarlangians to be reborn into.


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Ariadne's Manifesto

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