Annunaki Raceway 5000 (Kalpa 12)

A small personalized kalpa centric to a metaphor about the various Manifestos the UnMen are dealing with. Each Manifesto was represented by the facsimile leading presences who don old fashioned racing gear and were endlessly competing against each other until the UnMen are tasked with choosing one to help and one to hinder. This turned out to be Borland and Veterren, respectively.

The realm itself is not particularly filled. On the east side, a Roman god of walls named Terminus guards the final Seal as well as The Forbidden Zone. On the west side, a spontaneous jungle filled with former Dancers has taken place. The center has no defining characteristics other than a small white visual glitch. The over all terrain mainly consists of damp grass and earth, reminiscent of the UnMen’s humble beginnings.

The most defining feature is the presence of an Annunaki directly above the Kalpa, although it does not interact with anything present. Otherwise, the only danger present seems to be Entity servants.


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Annunaki Raceway 5000 (Kalpa 12)

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