The Tzizimitl


Limitations: Tzitzimitl cannot choose the Guttersnipe or Mad Scientist class.

(Medium Humanoid)

+2 Str, +2 Dex (then add another +2 to one of these)
-2 Con

Starts with one Quantum ability known within the campaign for every 3 primary levels.
Starts with 3 Seals completed.
Immune to Pressure

In the Know Crowd: You have a 20% cost discount on each level of your Icon of Power progression. (This does not stack with the Avatar class bonus.)
The 20% discount costs for Tzizimitl are listed below.
Lvl.1 $800
Lvl.2 $2400
Lvl.3 $4800
Lvl.4 $8000
Lvl.5 $12000

Past Job Endurance: On character creation, pick 3 energy types, excluding Radiation. You now have a 5 resistance in those energy types.

Nightvision 60’

Indiscernable Form: (1/combat, Stance, maintained as a Move) Your appearance becomes vague and shadowy. Unless you are grappled, a percentage chance is rolled anytime you are hit with anything. On a 15 or less, the attack misses you entirely. Attacks with Miss effects will still connect their secondary effects. This ability does not work on anything that doesn’t ‘roll’ to hit you.

Anum Voiced: Can speak any language she hears at least once.

Whirlwind Fervor: Dealing a critical hit with a melee weapon, regardless of confirmation chance or immunity, allows you a free action to use a basic attack against that same enemy. Anytime a crit is rolled in combat with Fervor as the result, you can only get the extra basic attack again during that round if you roll a natural 20 on any further crits.

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The Tzizimitl

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