The Keepers


Limitation: Guttersnipe and Avatar is not playable by this race.

(Medium Humanoid)

+2 Int, +2 Con (then add another +2 to one of these stats)
-2 Chr

Has a constant 50% Fortification, does not gain crit immunity from armor.
No Apothean Form
Starts with one Quantum ability known within the campaign for every 3 primary levels.
Starts with 3 Seals completed.
5 Electrical Resistance
Does not need to breathe
Immune to Pressure

Secondary Class: Your primary class is simply whatever you choose to play as. However, Keepers have an extensive knowledge. You may take a secondary class and it levels up whenever your normal class does. You gain nothing from it, except for one additional weapon that class can use and some of the abilities. At character creation, you decide if your Keeper gains those abilities upon your Secondary class achieving an odd or an even level. So, you would gain whatever the relevant abilities are from that class at level 1, 3, 5, 7, etc or 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. Once this is chosen, it cannot be changed. Not all Secondary Classes have synergy without their passives or other abilities. Choose wisely!

Staggered: When dropped to 0 hitpoints, you fall Prone and cannot take actions, but are otherwise conscious. Unless brought back up by traditional means, you make a normal Save instead of a Death Save. Upon success, you immediately rise back to your feet and enter negative hitpoints, as described below in ‘Ruthless Creation’.

Ruthless Creation: Every level after 1st, gain 10 negative hitpoints. These hitpoints do not count towards temporary hp sums, items, or abilities. They are only accessed after you hit 0 on hitpoints. You only recover negative hitpoints during rest and through use of Blood Cards. As long as you have negative hitpoints, you cannot die. You only need to make Death Spiral saves if you have no more negative hitpoints. Finally, while only in negative hitpoints, you gain an extra die on any ability or damage you deal, as well as a +1 on saves.

Morphic Arms: You absorb whatever weapons you use. You can switch any one weapon with another as a Minor action. If you are ‘Disarmed’, the discarded weapon vanishes and you may generate a new one as a Minor action.

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