The Hellfire Club

According to Budai, this is a quiet gentlemen’s clique of like minded apathetic individuals who are either savants of magic or science who have all taken a polite bet with each other about what will happen to the universe. They have done this as they have no interest in directly affecting anything although each of them can subtly manipulate some events that may led to certain outcomes on the behalf of others provided one plays within their whims.

The Club has no centralized location but consists of individuals who do not share the exact mindset of their creators. They do not seek attention nor do they ultimately care what happens in the end. The bet in itself is nothing less than a game with a set of rules to make existence interesting to them. They are a mixture of lofty and reasonably indifferent despite whatever they may actually do.

Good Ole Jake, Hoss, and Loki are known members.


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The Hellfire Club

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