The Dead Mariner

Encountered in the second Kalpa, this sovereign individual evoked so great fear from the resident sea creatures as to empty the tavern at which they stayed. He appears as a stockily built human with pale light blue skin with perpetually drenched medium length grey hair. His eyes are similar to that of a fish, large and glossy. He dresses in a tricorne hat, open sleeved admiral’s coat, and buccaneer’s boots, all of which are in poor water logged condition. A large sized rusted whaler’s harpoon (bigger than him) is his weapon of choice. An unknown presence follows him.

A grim taciturn individual, TDM reveals he’s had several names in the past and has had a long past, with a tale evoking the story of Odysseus and the sirens, in which he lost his entire crew, surviving only by placing beeswax in his ears. Yet he lost his ship as a result. He swam and swam and when he could swim no more, he walked the ocean floor. In doing so, he also learned to travel between worlds, albeit with little direct control.

TDM followed the UnMen on invitation to Kalpa 3, where he bid farewell to examine the new landscape after being shown how to travel the Maze as they do. He was able to take hold of the figurines in Kalpa 2, but it merely melted in his hand rather than producing a Seal. He is also aware of the presence of the Black Box and implied Borland should be wise enough not to make use of what he was.

It is finally revealed that TDM is in fact one of the few surviving Quarlangians who has survived by assuming different names and identities. He demands the UnMen keep silent about the reality of him for all their sakes.

During the Quarlangian past life regression, it is revealed his original name is Eristes.

After the Entity is defeated, he visits the UnMen. He tells Shard that he will watch over the Quarlangian people until Shard is able to create a new home for them. Presumably, he goes to Sanctuary.


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The Dead Mariner

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