Six Winged Angel Statue

A lone statue perched upon Castle Amalurth’s top, below the floating corpse of Ptah. It appears as a well carved statue of an angel being with six wings and eyes upon those wings. A head peeks out from behind the wings. It is restrained by collars attached to thick chains, riveted into the rock itself.

Lapis says Dagon sealed the thing for whatever reason, removing it from the Exotheria. She claims it is some kind of devil but doesn’t know the name or much about it other than it is a highly spiritual being that has some ability to make others forget things about it. Popping the chains should release it.

While in TFZ, the UnMen learn that this is Minath, one of the two pieces of his own darkness that Dagon defeated and bound in order to escape TFZ.


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Six Winged Angel Statue

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