A well mannered cockney speaking small humanoid of unclear origins that is native to TFZ but not amongst the recycled creatures. He appears as a small sprite possessed of poofy hair covered with a garbage can lid for a hat and wearing colorful robes. He carries a cudgel with him which he uses to create sounds with the bells in his village.

His settlement, centered around a small inlet in the western Living Forest section of TFZ, consists of wicker furniture and baskets tied together to make small enclosures. Along the water, bells (created from nearby plants) are carefully hung and maintained to create holographic flashing geometric shapes that float through the area. These are essentially visualized sound, which create good feelings through those who touch them. They can alleviate mental stress and keep the nearby flesh trees ‘sane’. Maroz mentions they are considered a delicacy by some, most likely implying the regular TFZ residents who desire esoteric things.



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