Heizenroux's Manifesto

Heizenroux’s Manifesto is simply known as ‘Sandlot’.

Sandlot is a world Heizenroux created for people of all walks of existence to escape the current universe. Whether they feel trapped, have done things they cannot be forgiven for, or simply cannot handle the nature of things, Sandlot offers a one way trip to being recreated in a foreign existence free from the machinations of the Annunaki. All those who enter Sandlot are freed from their flaws and sins, their identities made fresh and fair. Nothing is known about the other side beyond what Heizenroux can tell others, other than the soul remains (or is re-established). In game terms, one’s levels carry over, but nothing further. Sandlot is simply freedom from a broken universe as well as rebirth with no violence or stigma attached.

The most well known of escapees to Heizenroux’s Sandlot is Wormwood, who enters on the UnMen’s suggestion that he would be able to keep some presence of his mind before Antimatter Contamination overtakes him.

Amon also chooses to be reborn into the Sandlot, seeking a new experience. Since the UnMen requested that the Sandlot be an alternative for those condemned by the law, it seems that those needing a second chance will continue to find Heizenroux even far into the future.


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Heizenroux's Manifesto

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