End Mile (Kalpa 3)

End Mile is a desolate appearing world of no outstanding temperature, composed of vast flat fields of white-grey ash against a solid black sky. Light has no seeming source here. Additionally, the fields are filled with hundreds of tombstones, crosses, and mausoleums, all of which depict no wording until the viewer is adjacent. Each typically reads of a long forgotten or dead god/spirit who has fallen out favor and relevance. The markers do not consistently indicate the presence of an actual body, however.

End Mile is also host to an exotic bar for divine patronage called End of Time. The inside features outlandish drinks and concoctions as well as rooms with immense fantasy themes for rent, such as a volcano or a cloud serenaded by angels. Curiously, no money is exchanged here for the drinks. The bar is attended by a punctual cherub. Gods, both ongoing, alien, and fallen, can be found at the End of Time. Interestingly, the Black Box seems to become paused in this establishment.


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End Mile (Kalpa 3)

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