Consortium's Manifesto

“Mankind’s Manifest Destiny”

The Consortium is committed to using science for the further exploration of science. Hailing from the remade Earth where war was not endless, they seek to further mankind’s status in existence by extending their reach to travel the stars and visit other worlds. Their interests are not based around conquest or violence, so much as exploration and learning, although they are not pacifists either.

Their current interest is using a special ray they’ve developed, they seek sentient worlds and stars which they can focus the ray upon, thereby lobotomizing those celestial bodies. These reprogrammed bodies are then controlled by the Consortium so they cannot be attacked by them and human kind cannot be challenged by other vast bodies of power. This will allow for safe exploration.

They are also aware of The Entity and realize in the long run they must stop it to succeed. This extends their plans to using actual Annunaki to attack it, but they will require a much greater source of power to theoretically do this, which requires them to harness Borland’s ability to use the Ouroborous.

The Consortium’s Manifesto is successful. WIth Borland’s and Scent-Of-Sound’s help, they succeed in controlling the Aunanaki. With the Entity defeated, they are free to expand to the stars.


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Consortium's Manifesto

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