Caskerian's Manifesto

“Peaceful Insanity”

Caskerians motives are diverse and at times confusing, but there was a method before his madness. It goes as thus:

*Like Borland, Caskerian saw earth as being a place of unceasing war without meaning. This had to be stopped.

*Unlike Borland, Caskerian does not make weapons of mass horror in an effort to make war seem unfeasible. This is where the two begin to divide and Caskerian would wind up looking towards Dr. Peter Veterren as his rightful heir, citing Borland as a ‘Little Caesar’.

*Caskerian’s plan, after much studying of the past and use of incredibly vast scientific inspiration, plots to save the world and the conflicting nature of the universe through Pelangia itself.

*The idea of his dream is that no one will fight wars or institute esoteric and incoherent rules on a galactic level, but bring everyone to a greater sense of oneness by allowing them to become Pelangic, where all the plotting and desire of the modern mind could not manifest as Pelangic energy results in a heavily chaotic mind state. All structures of true power would be erased as everyone would be more or less possessed of ‘peaceful insanity’.

Caskerian makes a public address , which was recorded in the Ouroborous Drive for Veterren that cites his way of thinking.

In the end, Caskerian’s Manifesto fails, but it succeeds in the greater sense that the eternal war of his time has seen its end. Even Caskerian is pleased with the result.


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Caskerian's Manifesto

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