Through Anum analysis via the Black Box in Ariadne’s Maze, Borland has learned to synthesize the resonant trace energies given off by deities. This has allowed him to haphazardly infuse new UnMen with the essence of these mythological beings. As an Avatar, you are very much aware you’re not a true deity nor as powerful as one. Rather, you are an approximation of their strength, mind, and spirit.

Weapons: Any old world non-gun related weapon appropriate to your deity.

All Resistance: 1 (+1 every 3rd level) or 5 energy resistance in a relevant type (+1 every 3rd level) (All or Energy is based on your design.)

HP: 4d8 at start, +1d8 every level.

Special Requirements

To play as an Avatar, you must choose a real world non-Abrahamic pantheon based god, titan, asura, demon, or demigod. Additionally, you might choose a fallen divine personage like Heracles or someone who was irrevocably god touched, ala Arachne. Someone who was deified is also acceptable But the avatar must be based on a named individual with a humanoid or animalistic form. Something that was nameless, a saint, was a D+D monster, or only existed as a monster despite divine birth, ala the manticore, Medusa, or Charybdis, would not count. Deities that have been introduced in the game are similarly not selectable. Know that the process of making the Avatar is somewhat interactive.

Once you have selected your deity, you must choose a Form and Species appropriate to that deity’s arguable appearance as well as appropriate size. If you do not pick something appropriate, I cannot condone your choice. Finally, choose the type of specialized role your deity represents. A tank? A well rounded warrior? Support? Assassin? You don’t have to pick from the aforementioned, but whatever role your Avatar has should be understandable from the deity choice.

Once the deity is agreed upon, I write up a list of 10-12 abilties/traits for your deity (you may recommend some ideas), relevant stat requirements (will be using a two stat focus) and that’s what becomes your Avatar class. This class is only designed between games, never during.

Bonus Damage: Variable

In the Know Crowd: You have a 20% cost discount on each level of your Icon of Power progression.
The new costs for Avatar are listed below.
Lvl.1 $800
Lvl.2 $2400
Lvl.3 $4800
Lvl.4 $8000
Lvl.5 $12000


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