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  • Matthias

    Chose to stay behind and guard the forest of [[Lady Genevieve]] in [[Fallen Star Glen (Kalpa)|Kalpa 1]]. Eventually, she restores him to life and beauty, and the two are married. They work together to restore Kalpa 1.

  • Josef

    He was a confident and relatively tough gunfighter, adept at negotiating and preventing bloodshed, whose potentially illustrious career was brought to an abrupt end by a retard with 2 apparent modes (punching and about to punch)

  • Harry "Chink" Charlesson

    This Hitman is well read, well educated and VERY quiet. He is charming in his own way, but says little and prefers to think quietly. He is not impulsive, but he does not like to wait around and see, preferring to be the determiner of his destiny, rather …