Tag: Active PC


  • Six

    After defeating the Entity, Six chooses to study under Dagon and learn the ways of true power. Ultimately, he will challenge Dagon himself.

  • Shard-Apathy

    Apathy joined the Unmen when they returned to Borland after Thane's death, which is when Six infected him with the mutagenic stabilized antimatter. His body is that of a giant Quarlangian, topped with an elephant skull instead of a head. Apathy has …

  • Harry "Chink" Charlesson

    This Hitman is well read, well educated and VERY quiet. He is charming in his own way, but says little and prefers to think quietly. He is not impulsive, but he does not like to wait around and see, preferring to be the determiner of his destiny, rather …