The Story So Far...

Our story begins with Crichton, Josef, and Dagon finding themselves in a muddy field. Escaping from the mudmen at Borland’s command, they then underwent several months of training in the 4th Dimension.

Having emerged from the training successfully, they were rounded up by Vincente, who explained things to them and told them they’d be going to Earth to retrieve some Borland technology that the locals were no longer paying for.

Slipping through the portal, they found themselves in a forest. They came across a group of villagers, who they slaughtered. Continuing on, they found a road and a cornfield. When they spied a troop of soldiers marching down that road, they decided to mount an ambush. It was a fierce battle, but by employing skirmish tactics both in the forest and cornfield, our trio were victorious.

Further, they spied a fort, which they wisely avoided, continuing on to the village that was their target. The scouted the outer boundaries of the village and waited for night to fall. Entering via the stream that flowed through the town, they spied and hid from the night patrolman. Fixing upon a plan, they followed him at a distance until he returned to headquarters, then waited for his replacement to leave for his own rounds. They then quietly executed all the soldiers while they slept. Dagon also decided to keep the cat he found as a pet. Having located the parcel they were to retrieve, the three made their way out of the town, though Dagon lost his kitty at some point.

Backtracking the way they came, they returned home. Vincente congratulated them and revealed that they had recovered a rocket launcher.

Having rested, the trio was ready for a new assignment. This time, they were to protect a town that was paying for Borland’s protection. Investigating, they found the town to be deserted, and set up shop in one of the larger houses. As night fell, they were attacked by all manner of strange beasts. Walking pants that could make one dance, and leaping brains assaulted them. It was a hard fight, but finally they won.

Attempting to trace back the route the strange creatures had taken, they discovered a strange portal with blue skinned elephant men within. After taunting the creatures, they destroyed the portal and returned home.

Once again congratulated for a job well done, Vincente asked them whether they wanted to continue running Earth missions, or go through the portal wherein Borland was looking for something.

They chose the portal and passed into the Elephant Temple.


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