A geezerly woman with deep red hag-like features, Zima existed as a supposedly mythical lenscrafter in the Elephant Temple world. She lived in a peerless white clay tower that reached above the clouds. When found, she offered to return the sight of the Elephant God to the world below in exchange for some components. With them, she forged an eyeglass.

Upon getting the material she needed, she walked outside (and onto) the tower where she and the UnMan present stood in a blank white room with a table with a model display of the Elephant Temple world. There, she attached the eyeglass to the model of the tower and focused a desk light onto it. This in turn, restored the water garden where the Elephant’s Temple could be found.

Zima is the first one to indicate the nature of things when asked if what she did was magic, she replies eeriely ‘Science’.


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