Update Log

12/17/13 Update Patch

The Keepers and The Tzizimitl are now statted for play and may be taken as choices upon your character death instead of a final UnMan.
You can find them in the Allied Reinforcements section.

11/11/13 Update Patch

Other forms of Mark 4 gear now included in Entropic weapons. Note that there is no Mark 4 Satchel of Stick Grenades, however.

11/3/13 Update Patch

Quantum Ability section added to the wiki

Entropic Gear section added in the Gear subcategory. This contains Mark 4 information.

8/21/13 Update Patch

Class Changes:

Sentry: Bonus damage die upped one value.

The following tank and off tank classes have received a new passive. They are: Sentry, Painkiller, Officer, Dark Zombie, and Cosmonaut.

New Passive:
Tank Restorative Bonus: When a character of this Class makes a kill, they gain an extra 5 points of temps back. This increases to a total of 10 temps starting at level 11. This bonus temps do not count towards Blood Cards or anything other than direct temporary hitpoints.

6/21/13 Update Patch

New class added: Lasher

6/13/13 Update Patch

Added Mutations to the Wiki. More will be added without notifying updates.

Added 1 new Scroll


Retired the Combat Driver class.

5/15/13 Update Patch

Adjustment: Converted Gun ammo rules to Ed’s design. You no longer need to track ammo count on these weapons, but they will require a reload on a roll of 1 or 2 on a d20 attack.

5/14/13 Update Patch

Added 6 new Baubles

5/2/13 Update Patch

New class added: Chameleon

5/1/13 Update Patch

New Item type added: Scrolls

4/4/13 Update Patch

New class added: Operator


Increased the damage values on Tier 3 weapons.

2nd Patch
Added missing Foxfire Missiles to Operator.
Removed Pistols from Elementalist Witch proficiency
New weapons added: Bow and Crossbow
These weapons are variously usable (either both or just one) by the following existing classes: Guttersnipe, Ninja, Officer, and all Witch classes with the exception of Iron Witch.

3/22/13 Update Patch

New class added: Avatar (New: Added a new passive to this class)

Added 4 new Baubles.


Adjusted the Hippocrates Caduceus bauble to be less terrible.

2/20/13 Update Patch

New class added: Sniper


Adjusted the wording on Hitman’s Aim ability for clarification.

Combat addition

Added mentioning of -2 penalty to hit with Range while Prone.

Added description about the Waterproof trait for Guns.

New Species: Atropal

2/18/13 Update Patch

New class added: Sentry


Engineer’s AMGT had an error line removed concerning about AMGT’s deployable.

Painkiller’s Intercept given a defining usage amount (1/enc).


Painkiller gains a new passive. ‘Great Endurance’

Many new encyclopedia entries.

2/15/13 Update Patch

New class added: Song Witch

FAQS section added to the top of Templates

Many new Forms and Species added to Templates


Iron Witch: Armor Gain feature by level reduced to 2 from 3.

Zombie Species: Removed natural attack upgrade and instead given the Barbarian perk at start.

Guttersnipe: New passive feature ‘Instinctual Stubbornness’

Harpy Species: Talons now Talons(x2)

2/13/13 Update Patch

4 new spells added to Elementalist Witch. (Gills, Freezing Fog, Summon Dust Devil, and Control Weather, namely.)

2/8/13 Update Patch

Added 2 new classes: Cosmonaut and Guttersnipe.

Added new category; Specialty Weapons. Added Harpoon Gun. Found at bottom of weapons page.
Usable by the following current classes: Dark Zombie, Engineer, Cosmonaut, Trooper, Impaler, and Guttersnipe.

Added 4 new Shotguns.

Added 7 new Baubles.

Rules Additions
The following was added to the dual wield rules

“Claws, Talons, Horns, and Tails are considered off hand natural attacks. Bites, natural ranged and Slams are not. Dual Wielding or otherwise ‘multi-attacks’ are considered as Full Round actions. Regardless of what abilities you have, you may only do up to 3 dual wield type attacks in a round.”

“Claw/talon natural attacks cannot dual wield with themselves (i.e. Claw, claw) unless it has a
x2 notification next to it.”

The following was added to the bottom of the first section of Combat rules

“Flight of any form is not compatible with Invisibility and vice versa. The abilities will not work at the same time. However, this does not include Float.”

Additions and Fixes in Templates

I noticed several Species incorrectly had lower stats than they should have due to the inclusion of ‘or’. Some species are supposed to have a choice of chosen stats based on ability loadout, but some that did were incorrect. This has been gone over and fixed up. Stat choice for Species only appears where it should now.

It erroneously applied to the following Species: Cactus, Giant Crab, Zombie, Serpent, and Harpy.

New Forms
Draconic, Winged, Pygmy, and Fungal.

New Species
Dragon, Giant Verminoid Worm, and Shark.

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