UnMan Templates


What Size am I?

Forms are Medium size by default. They are always listed if otherwise.
Medium size is achieved only when both Form and Species are Medium or when one is Small and the other is Large.
Small is achieved when the combination is Small + Small, or Small + Medium. The same rule applies to Large.

Am I Humanoid or Non-Humanoid?

Forms and Species are Humanoid by default. Non-Humanoid is listed otherwise. However, having a non-humanoid character is only created when you choose two non-humanoid choices. Humanoids may have non-humanoid features (hands, feet, etc), but they are still humanoids. Some class requirements may not be available to them.

My choice has Armor. Does it stack?

Yes. It is always in addition to the total of whatever Armor you find in game.

My choices have a combination where both give a Claw attack. How does it work?

You cannot gain more than one of a single natural attack type. In the event of two, you take the better of the two. This does not give you two claw attacks to make unless the better ability is something like Claw x2.

1st: Pick body type

UnMan Dual Form
Take stats of only two forms, abilities/traits of both. Do not take a species. Default as humanoid unless Form implies otherwise (ex. Beast + ?). Cannot take a combination where resistance and vulnerability exist in the same energy type or where there is a physical conflict of locomotion form (lamia and unicycled, for example) or texture type (ooze and origami). In the event of natural attacks of the same kind expression (bite, claw, etc), only take the best of the two forms. You cannot take a combination that gives you more than 2 natural attack forms.

Taurian (non-human legs)

  • +2 Dex or Con
  • +2 Land Speed
  • Forced Movement Resistance: +1
  • -6 Climb/Balance checks


  • Large sized (enemies only get a +1 hit to flank you)
  • +4 str or +4 Con
  • -1 Land speed


  • +1 Melee non-threatening reach
  • +2 Dex or Int
  • +1 iniative
  • Forced Movement Vulnerability: -1


  • +2 Int or Chr
  • May shift 1 space while prone per round.
  • Breathless
  • Vulnerability: +5 falling damage

Unicycled (removes legs)
+2 Dex or Chr

  • Slow Fall 10’
  • Land Speed +2
  • Easily Prone: Getting up from Prone costs a higher action quality. (i.e. Standard action instead of move )

Beast (non-human form)

  • +1 any one stat.
  • +1 Land Speed
  • Upgraded Natural Attacks: (Base 1d6 → 1d8 → 1d10 → 1d12 → 2d6)
  • +1 any physical skill check
  • -2 any Intelligence checks

Lamia (removes legs)

  • +2 Str or Chr
  • Forced Movement Resistance: +1
  • Quick Riser: Getting up from Prone costs a lower quality action (i.e. Minor instead of a Move)
  • Sluggish: Cannot shift more than once per combat


  • +2 Str or Int
  • Weighted: +1 Forced Movement from your effects
  • Breathless
  • +1 any Intelligence checks
  • Electrical Vulnerability: 5

Tube Bodied

  • +2 Dex or Con
  • May retry escape from grapple checks, once each time grappled.
  • 1/combat: May Shift while Prone
  • +1 Swim Speed
  • +2 on climb checks
  • Electric Vulnerability: 5


  • +1 to any one stat, -1 to any other.
  • Choose from either Cold, Fire, or Electric. This becomes your elemental type and gives 5 resistance against that energy.
  • 1/combat Add 1d8 of your elemental type to a weapon or natural weapon attack as a Free Action when you hit.
  • Vulnerability
  • Elemental Fire gains 5 Cold Vulnerability
  • Elemental Cold gains 5 Cold Vulnerability
  • Elemental Electric gains 5 Acid Vulnerability


  • +2 Con or Int
  • Amphibious
  • Swim speed = Land Speed +1
  • Bite Attack: 1d6dmg
  • Slow Footed: Land Speed -1

Gun Headed (Removes bite/horns)

  • +2 Dex or Int
  • ‘Head Shotter’ (1/Combat, Natural Attack. Standard) (Range 12)1d10 + Dex mod.
  • Aim skill 1/combat (Move) Gain a +1 to hit on your next single projectile attack so long as you do not move.
  • -1 Melee damage dealt

Multi-Headed (One head, multiple faces)

  • +2 Int or +2 Con
  • +2 perception
  • +1 Iniative
  • 1 extra Minor action per combat.
  • Dizzying: Dazed and Slow effects last 1 round longer against you than normal.


  • No stat change.
  • Cannot be disarmed
  • Only take a -1 hit penalty when dual wielding/multiattacking melee attacks (Claws/punches for natural weapons), but with -2 dmg.
  • +3 Climb
  • May quickdraw and sheathe one extra weapon per turn as a free action.
  • Cluttered Appendages: Cannot wield weapons requiring two hands.

Tank Treads (removes legs)

  • +2 Str or +2 Con, -2 Chr
  • +10 starting Armor
  • Forced Move Resist 2
  • Overrun: May drive over a prone enemy once per round if you can end up in an open space. You do not provoke from said enemy while doing so. Deal 1d8 + Str mod damage. Done as part of a Move action.
  • Ignore Difficult Terrain: (Minor) 1/round
  • -1 Land speed
  • Cannot shift
  • -3 Balance checks

Satyr Legged

  • +2 Dex or +2 Chr.
  • Natural Attack: Hoof Kick 1d6 + 1.5 Con mod dmg
  • +1 Land Speed
  • Rough Terrain Specialist: Ignore Difficult Terrain when shifting.
  • -3 Climb checks
  • +2 damage taken every 10 ft of falling.


  • +2 Chr or +2 Dex
  • +1 on maintaining grapple checks
  • Eat Me: 5 Poison damage (ignores resistance) to an enemy whenever you are bitten.
  • +2 Diplomacy checks
  • Can’t Catch Me!: 1/combat (Reaction) Free shift after an enemy attack misses you.
  • 5 fire vulnerability


  • +2 Dex or +2 Chr
  • Safe Fall 20’
  • 5 Cold Resistance
  • 2 Physical Vulnerability

Ooze (non-humanoid)

  • +2 Con or +2 Str
  • Gun Resistance 1
  • Acid Resistance 5
  • Vulnerability to all non-acid energy types: 3
  • +2 escape grapples


  • +2 Int or +2 Chr
  • Sharp Edges: After achieving a kill, your next attack done as melee has +1 crit range.
  • Gun Resistance 1
  • Slow Fall 10’
  • Fly (1/day, entire round) Fly at Land Speed.
  • Fire vulnerability 5


  • +2 Dex or +2 Chr
  • +1 damage with spears, javelins, clubs, and knives.
  • +1 all physical skills
  • -1 all intelligence skills
  • -3 damage with modern technology weapons

Shadow Matter

  • +2 Chr or +2 Int
  • Illusory: 1/combat (Reaction) Free shift after an enemy attack misses you.
  • +3 Stealth
  • Unholy Resistance 5
  • Radiant Vulnerability 5


  • +2 Str or +2 Con
  • Can handle weapons with a requirement strength of 20 even without that level of strength.
  • +1 to existing class resistances
  • -1 Land Speed
  • -3 Stealth


  • +2 Con or +2 Str
  • Forced Move Vulnerability: Can be moved 2 extra spaces.
  • Roly Poly: When knocked prone, may also freely shift 1 space as a Reaction.
  • Rolling: May shift while laying prone on the ground once per turn as a Move action, but not more than 1 space, regardless of other abilities.


  • +2 Con or +2 Dex
  • Prickly Bastard (Reaction) When you are struck in adjacent melee, the enemy takes damage equal to your Con modifier.
  • Total Defense (Full round action) Defense rises to 12, you take no further actions, but Prickly Bastard reactions are unlimited in number of usage, other than only one Reaction per enemy that hit you.


  • +2 Dex, -2 Str
  • Small sized: +3 Stealth
  • Physical Resistance: 1
  • Flowing: Cannot grapple or be grappled
  • +1 Poison DoT damage when using relevant ability
  • Difficult Flanking: Enemies can treat you as having combat advantage for purposes of abilities, but get no bonus.
  • AOE Vulnerability: +50%
  • -1 Land Speed


  • Small Size (+3 stealth)
  • +2 Dex or Con
  • +1 Land Speed
  • Quick Rise: (1/combat) When prone, stand up as Minor action.
  • Cannot use mandatory two handed weapons.
  • Forced Movement Vulnerability: 1


  • +2 Con or Chr
  • Fly: 5 (Times per day equal x1.5 Con mod. Slow Fall unlimited while half of Fly duration remains.)
  • Physical Vulnerability: 1
  • (If Combines with an existing ‘flying’ type, only adds 2 addition flight uses per day instead.)


  • +2 Str or Chr
  • 1 Energy Resistance
  • +1 Energy Damage Dealt
  • 3 Armor
  • Gun Vulnerability: 5
  • -2 Initiative


  • +2 Con or Int
  • Tastes Like Shitake: (Reaction to Bite attacks) Effect: Deal Acid dmg to said enemy = Con mod
  • +2 Stealth
  • 5 Acid Resistance
  • 5 Fire Vulnerability


  • +2 Str or Con
  • 5 Armor
  • +1 to any Poison related damage dealt.
  • +1 Climb checks
  • Exoskeleton: Takes +1 Bleed damage.

Were Creature

  • +2 Str or +2 Con
  • Exacerbating Wound: (using a Natural attack, 2/day, 1/round) Add 1d6dmg after hit.
  • Desperate Resolve perk
  • +1 any Constitution checks
  • Easily Agitated: Cannot choose to retreat from any enemy who struck you in adjacent melee for 1 round.


  • +2 Con or +2 Chr
  • +1 Initiative
  • Agile: (1/combat) Shift as a Minor action.
  • 5 Cold resistance
  • -1 Save versus DoTs

Spring Coil (replaces legs)

  • +2 Dex or +2 Con
  • Bounder: (1/round as a Move action) Launch self 2 spaces up and half your land speed on this Movement across.
  • Slow Fall 10’
  • +3 all Jump related checks
  • Electrical Vulnerability 5

2nd: Species

Stitched Together Human

  • +1 any stat, -1 any other stat
  • +1 bonus all skill checks
  • Start with one extra perk.


  • +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Dex
  • 1d8 Claw attack damage.
  • Barbarian perk
  • Death Spiral perk
  • Crit Proof: Cannot take critical hits if at or above 50% hitpoints.
  • Fire Vulnerability 5


  • +2 Con or Chr, -2 Str
  • Blood Drain (Uses existing bite attack or 1d4dmg/no mod) (melee) In addition to whatever bite damage you deal, you heal 1d8 points worth of Temporary Hitpoints. Uses per combat = Con mod.
  • Mesmerize (Range 5, Move) (Pacify) Target does not attack you on next turn unless you attack first. Uses per combat = Chr modifier
  • Bi-polar Vigor: During day time, you have a -3 on all physical skills. During the night, you have +3 on those skills instead.
  • Fire Vulnerability 5

Alien Grey

  • +2 Int, +2 Con, -2 Str
  • Small sized humanoid (+3 Stealth)
  • Anti-ballistic Psychic Deterrence (Minor, lasts until the end of your next turn): When you are directly targeted and struck by a projectile, you may spend a reaction to deflect it, treating the missile as a dud that deals no damage. You do this by rolling a To Hit. If you tie or beat the original roll, you succeed. You must not be Surprised to use this.
  • Hover (Move action) (3/day) You effectively hover and may move normally as per your land speed without touching the ground. You are not subject to difficult terrain or ground effects. Additionally, you can gently lower your elevation (such as being over a pit/descent) without taking falling damage. You cannot ascend using Hover.
  • Telekinesis (Range 8) (Move) (May lift and move an unattended object up to 30lbs at the rate of your land speed. Object is considered floating, not flying.)


  • +2 Str, +2 Int, -2 Dex
  • (Medium sized humanoid)
  • Alpha Humanoid: Enemies gain only +1 to hit when flanking you.
  • Brute Force: +1 distance on Push attacks you make.
  • Wrath of a Conqueror: Siege damage dealt with melee weapons

Giant Spider Verminoid (non-humanoid)

  • +2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Int
  • (Medium sized beast)
  • Climb at Land Speed
  • Poison Bite: 1d8 dmg (Dot 5 poison) or (Weakened status)
  • Web (Non-provoking Burst 1, Range 3) (Standard) Creatures immobilized, Save ends.
  • (Uses per day = Con mod)
  • +2 on intimidation checks

Giant Scorpion Verminoid (non-humanoid)

  • +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Dex
  • (Medium sized beast)
  • Climb at Land Speed
  • Claws: 2d4dmg
  • Stinger: 1d6dmg (Dot 5 poison) or (Slow status)
  • Full Assault: May attack with both Claws and Stinger as a Full Round Action
  • +2 on endurance checks

Giant Centipede Verminoid (non-humanoid)

  • +2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Int
  • (Large sized beast)
  • (Enemies only have a +1 to flank you)
  • Climb at Land Speed
  • Bite: 1d8dmg
  • Leg Toxins: 1d6dmg (Enemy has a damage penalty for 1 round equal to your Con mod)
  • Skin Toxins: (Reactive, when hit by natural weapon attack) (Enemy has -1 to hit for one round) Times per day = Con mod

Giant Vinegaroon Verminoid (Whip Scorpion) (non-humanoid)

  • +2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Con
  • (Large sized beast) (Enemies only have a +1 to flank you)
  • Climb at half land speed
  • Burrow: 2
  • Seizing Claws (Reach 2) 1d8dmg + (Grab)
  • +2 on all grapple checks
  • Can drag a grapple target via Shifting.

Animal (Carnivore) (non-humanoid)

  • +2 Str, +2 Int, -2 Dex
  • (Medium sized beast)
  • Bite: 1d8dmg
  • +1 Land speed
  • Night vision 30’
  • Howl of Aggression: (Move) +1 hit (self and allies in 5) for 1 round. (Once per combat)
  • +1 all physical skills

Animal (Herbivore) (non-humanoid)

  • +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Int
  • (Medium sized beast)
  • Horns/Hoof: 1d8 +4 dmg
  • +2 Land speed
  • +1 all physical skills
  • Overpower perk

DNA fragment of The Entity

  • +4 Con, -4 Chr
  • (Medium sized humanoid)
  • +5 to a single energy resistance of your choice
  • Adaptive Resistance perk
  • Life Conversion: (1/day) (Standard) At a ratio of 2 per 1, you may take your Temporary hitpoints and put them into your regular hitpoints. You can do a max of 10 per day, per level.

DNA fragment of Lapis Librix

  • +2 Chr, +2 Int, -2 Str
  • (medium sized humanoid)
  • Cease to Exist: (Full round action, 1/combat) You may simply wink out of existence for a time = your Chr mod. You take no effects (they are paused) and can do no actions but to re-enter reality in the same spot. If the spot is occupied, you reappear in the next open space. Your awareness is limited to 2 squares from where you started.
  • Rally Raiser perk
  • Intangible: (move, lasts until the start of your next turn) Attacks have a 50% chance to miss you. At the same time, you only deal 50% normal damage. (once per combat)

Dinosaur (non-humanoid)

  • +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Int
  • (Large size) Enemies only get a +1 to flank you.
  • Natural Attack: Bite, Tail, or a Claw 1d8 + 1.5 Str mod
  • +5 starting Armor
  • +3 dmg on Charge attacks
  • -1 Land Speed
  • 10 Cold Vulnerability

Giant Praying Mantis (non-humanoid)

  • +2Str, +2 Int, -2 Chr
  • (Large sized beast) (Enemies only have a +1 to flank you)
  • Seizing Claws (Reach 2) 1d6dmg + Grab.
  • Bite: 1d6 (19-20 crit)
  • +2 on all grapple checks
  • +3 dmg in melee an enemy you’ve grappled.

Alien Xenomorph (humanoid)

  • +2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Chr
  • Bite: 1d6 (may use Dex mod instead of Str)
  • Tail: 1d6 (Reach 2) (may use Dex mod instead of Str)
  • +2 Climb
  • Acid Blood: (Reactive) (1/round) When struck in melee, your caustic blood spills out onto the attacker. This deals 1d6 acid damage + Con mod. (# times per day = Con mod)
  • -4 Ranged damage.

Fae (humanoid)

  • Small sized humanoid (+3 Stealth)
  • +2 Chr, +2 Dex, -2 Str
  • Confuser: (Free action) When hitting an enemy with an AOE of any sort, they have a penalty to damage equal to your Chr mod for the first attack they make next round. You may do this (Int mod) amount of times per day.
  • +1 Energy Resistance
  • Pants Dance: (Move action, melee touch) No dmg. Enemy touched mirrors your exact movements until he makes a save. This counts as Forced movement. You do not provoke from this enemy from moving while Pants Dance is in effect. 1/day
  • Gun Vulnerability 2

Plant (non-humanoid)

  • +2 Int, +2 Con, -2 Dex
  • Slam: 1d8 (Reach 2)
  • Root Down: (Stance, Move) You cannot take forced movement, nor can you move. Released as a Minor action.
  • Desperate Reserve perk
  • Radiant Resistance 5
  • Fire vulnerability 5

Living Skeleton (humanoid)

  • +1 to any 1 stat, -1 to any 1 other stat
  • Coagulant Blood perk
  • Cling to Life perk
  • Unholy Resistance 5
  • Radiant Vulnerability 5

Time Ghost (humanoid) (No bite attack possible on this combination.)

  • +3 to a single stat and -1 to two separate stats
  • +1 Physical Resistance
  • Pelagic (Salt water breathing only) (May fight normally in water)
  • Swim Speed 5 with one free hand. Swim speed 7 with two free hands.
  • Quantum (One use of any single one of these per day.)
    -Teleport (Free action) Distance = Chr mod
    -Enter Quantum: Cease to Exist and return (duration = Chr mod) via teleport distance (Chr mod = distance). Blocks all other use of your teleport abilities this combat.
    -Unknown Flow of Energy (Free action) (+4 to a stat)
    -Energy Breaker (Close burst 1, Move) Enemy loses an energy resistance until save. No hit.

Harpy (humanoid) (No hands possible on this combination.)

  • +2 Chr, +2 Dex, -2 Int
  • Fly: 7 (Time per day equal x2 Con mod. Slow Fall unlimited while half of Fly duration remains.)
  • Talons (x2) : 1d6dmg + Str mod (can use melee weapons)
  • Screech (Minor) Eliminates all enemy Sonic/Charm effects on allies in a close burst 3.

Giant Crab Verminoid (non humanoid)

  • +2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Int
  • Swim Speed 4
  • Amphibious
  • +10 Armor
  • Claw: 1d6dmg
  • Sideways Shuffle: Unable to shift away from enemies, only adjacent of them.

Serpent (non-humanoid)

  • +2 Int, +2 Chr, -2 Con
  • May rise from prone as a Minor action
  • Slither: May shift while laying prone on the ground once per turn as a Move action, but not more than 1 space, regardless of other abilities.
  • Bite: 1d4 dmg + DoT 5 Poison
  • 5 Cold Vulnerability


  • +2 Con, +2 Chr, -2 Dex
  • Prickly Bastard (Reaction) When you are struck in adjacent melee, the enemy takes damage equal to your Con modifier.
  • Rooting: (Move) Until the start of your next turn, you cannot be forcibly moved more than 1 space at a time.
  • Needles (Ranged Natural Attack, Range 4) 1d6 + Con or Dex mod.
  • 5 Fire Resistance
  • 5 Cold Vulnerability

Cambion (humanoid)

  • +2 to any single stat, -2 to any other single stat
  • Sting of Punishment (Reaction) Choose one of the following energy types (unless you have Elemental form, instead using your choice from that) Fire, Cold, Acid, or Unholy. When struck by an adjacent melee attack, you may retaliate with energy damage equal to your Chr modifier.
  • Pour it On: Upon dealing a crit, add an extra 1d6dmg of the energy type used in Sting of Punishment. This bonus only applies if the energy on your attack matches or the attack is physical.
  • Radiant Vulnerability 5

Giant (humanoid)

  • Large sized: Enemies only have a +1 to flank you.
  • +4 str or Chr, -4 Int
  • Sweeping Fist: A single target primary attack you have with a melee/natural weapon may be done as an Arc attack, striking two enemies adjacent to each other. You cannot combine with this with any form of multiattack or dual wielding. (1/day)
  • P.H.D.: Gain a damage bonus against Prone enemies equal to half your Str or Chr modifier, whichever is higher.
  • -3 Iniative

Giant Worm Verminoid (non-humanoid)

  • +2 Con, +2 Str, -2 Chr
  • (Medium)
  • Burrow 3
  • Tremorsense (Minor, Close Burst 2) Sense the presence of physical creatures around you that touch the ground.
  • +2 Escape Grapple checks
  • Acid Spit: (Natural Attack, Range 4) 1d6 + Con mod Acid damage.

Shark (non-humanoid)

  • +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Dex
  • Amphibious
  • Swim Speed: 7
  • -1 Land Speed
  • Bite: 1d8dmg + Str mod (If not used in a multi-attack, use 1.5x Str mod instead)
  • Tail: 1d6dmg (no modifier)

Dragon (non-humanoid)

  • Large sized: Enemies only have a +1 to flank you.
  • +2 Str, +2 Chr, -4 Dex
  • Pick one Energy type: Gain 5 resistance in that type.
  • Breath Weapon (Standard, Natural AOE, Close Blast 4) Deal 2d6 + Con dmg using Energy type you have resistance in. (1/Combat. Times per day = Chr mod.)
  • Bite: 1d8 dmg + Str mod
  • Claw (x2): 1d6dmg + Str mod
  • -2 Initiative
  • Must choose an energy vulnerability of 5 in one of the following types you do not have resistance in: Cold, Fire, Acid, or Electric)

Alien Necromorph (Choose: humanoid or non-humanoid)

  • +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Int
  • Natural attack: Slam 1d8
  • Breathless
  • Immune to Environmental Extremes (Subzero, Intense Heat, Vacuum)
  • Coagulant Blood perk
  • Takes an extra 1d6dmg on Physical Crits.

Sasquatch (humanoid)

  • +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Chr
  • Cold Resistance 5
  • +1 all Physical skills
  • One For Another: (Reaction, 1/enc) When hit in melee range, you may attempt to strike said enemy back with a common melee attack. If you don’t have a melee weapon or natural attack, deal 1d6dmg flat.
  • Swat (Reaction, 1/enc) When attacked with a physical projectile no bigger than yourself, you may roll to hit against it. If your check is higher than the attacker’s, the attack is blocked.

Leprechaun (humanoid)

  • Small (+3 Stealth)
  • +2 Dex, +2 Chr, -2 Str
  • Pot of Gold: Gain 100gp every time you level. This is retroactive.
  • +2 Performance checks
  • Lucky: +1 on Saves.
  • Jolly Not Bloody: Never gain a stat modifier on dual and two handed attacks.

Imp (Humanoid)

  • Small (+3 Stealth)
  • +2 Int, +2 Chr, -2 Con
  • Tease (Minor, 1 adjacent enemy) On the enemy’s next attack, he has a -2 hit. (1/enc)
  • Wicked Karma: Whenever you are suffering from a DOT and you crit an enemy with a weapon, the DOT ends on you and your attack gains 5 extra damage, using the energy type from that DOT, including Bleeds.
  • 5 Acid Resistance
  • 5 Radiant Vulnerability

Pinkerton (Non-humanoid giant hand) (No legs or arms possible on this combination.)

  • +2 Int, +2 Str, -2 Chr
  • Natural attack: Slam 1d8 + 1.5 Str (cannot be used in multiattacks)
  • +2 to Strength checks
  • On crit in melee: Push 2. This stacks with other Push effects.
  • Concise Perimeter: Enemies gain only +1 to hit when flanking you.
  • Can only wield a one handed melee weapon. Cannot throw.

Nephilim (Humanoid)

  • Large size (Enemies only have a +1 hit to flank you)
  • +2 Str, +2 Chr, -2 Dex
  • Built For War: May wield a 2 handed mandatory melee weapon in one hand at a -2 penalty to hit with it. Cannot dual wield while doing so.
  • Forced Flight: (1/day, Minor) Use your wings to fly for the rest of the round, distance equal to Land Speed.
  • Gun Vulnerability: 5

Atropal (humanoid)

  • +2 Int or +2 Chr or +2 Con, -2 Str
  • Steady Grip: Whenever you are disarmed, you are entitled to an immediate saving throw to resist the effect.
  • Time Stop: (Standard, Spell, 1 adjacent creature in a close burst 1) (Stun effect) Hit: You and the creature cease all further voluntary movements. Neither of you can attack or be attacked, but you both can continue to take ongoing damage, falling, or environmental effects that may already be happening. The effect ends when the target makes a save, you choose to end it at the beginning of your turn, or one of you is somehow moved away from the other. You cannot dampen the effect on yourself, but stun resistances can apply to the victim, if applicable. (1/day)
  • Bend Light: (1/enc, Move) If you manage to get yourself out of the sight of all creatures present, you may use a Move action to teleport your Land Speed. You may teleport to any open space you have seen in the last day within that distance
  • Immune to environmental hazards of space (Ambient cold, pressure, and radiation)
  • Hover (Move action) (3/day) You effectively hover and may move normally as per your land speed without touching the ground. You are not subject to difficult terrain or ground effects. Additionally, you can gently lower your elevation (such as being over a pit/descent) without taking falling damage. You cannot ascend using Hover.
  • Interfering Energies: Any Slow effect you take instead Immobilizes you.
  • Physical Vulnerability: 3

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