The Yellow

A vague theoretical term described by Borland to describe the bizarre alien nature of reality outside of what is readily understood. His example given states that reality is not an inert concept, but could be something moving or possibly ‘aware’. The source of it could be everywhere or hidden inside a yellow spectrum. Yellow also describe potential life which may not reflect how life functions on earth. In this, his example is running into a tube-like creature baring a face with a frozen expression sticking out a pool of purple liquid, with another straw-like protrusion sticking out of the neck back into the pool as well.

He shoots the creature and each time it reacts with pain, but neither dies nor takes physical damage from the process, no matter how many times he does this. Yellow as a life form, he describes, could be something ‘sentient but not sapient’. Such life could be summed up as being more than a plant, but less than an animal in mindset.

Borland alleges that Yellow is something that actively avoids detection. It does not want to be seen or understood, much to Borland’s frustration. However, it has recently been found that Yellow is composed of two types which were seperated at the beginning of things; matter and now ‘stabilized antimatter’. The latter exists primarily in Pelangia only because it is utterly non-compatible with the rest of the universe.

Shockingly, a bleeding source of the Yellow in its purest form into the universe exists within the Earth itself, which is used as a plug to prevent the Yellow from ‘hard resetting’ the entire universe through chaos.

It is later learned that the Yellow is one of two parts of Quantum that the DemiUrge separated in order to be able to create the universe. The other part being Pelangic energy.

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The Yellow

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