The Kalpic Seals

Deity Stats

(Spell) (Full round) Deity remains for 3 rounds, acting immediately after your turn. 1 deity present in the battle at a time and each player may only summon 1 per session. These are aspects and they do not have the full knowledge or recollection of you.

Large size
All Resist 10
+1 to hit
Can use Spells in melee range
Half your total hitpoints.
Duration: 3 rounds
Move 6
Defense 9
Immune to status effects and buffs
Immune to any energy type the deity’s aspect uses.
Brutal 1 on all damage.
All attacks/spells are standard actions unless noted. All abilities hit enemies only. Deities threaten but do not take attacks of opportunity if someone provokes.

Zereul: Superior Starfall (Spell, Range 12, Burst 3) 3d10+15 Radiant

Zeus: Chain Lightning (Spell, Range 5) After a hit, CL can bounce for another hit on a different target within 3, stopping only when it misses. Each hit puts a counter on the enemy, to a max of 3. At the very end of Zeus’ duration, as an immediate action, he detonates those counters on all enemies, requiring no hit to do so. Any pulses not detonated vanish after Zeus does.
Chain Lightning: 1d12+10 electric.
Detonate Pulse: x = d12 +5.

Wormwood: (Aura 12) Every round, Wormwood splashes enemies within his aura with acid. Allies within his aura have a + 1 to hit.
Acid Rain: 1d12+10 acid

Amon: Melee attacker, Dazes for 1 round on hit. 2d10 + 20 Radiation + 5 vulnerability all, non-stacking.

Dagon: Does melee Line attacks. 2 wide, 6 long. 19-20 crit. May slide enemies 2 spaces when he hits. 2d8+30. (no immunities on this Deity)

Ariadne: Teleports 1 enemy and 1 ally, switching their spaces on hit. This also damages and can heal that ally in temps = the damage dealt. 1d12 + 15 psychic. If Ariadne misses, she may teleport that ally 3 spaces regardless. No range on this spell.

Lapis: Field of Death (Spell, close blast 4) 2d10 +15 unholy. Allies gain 5 unholy resist while she is present and do not make death saves during that time.

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