Quarlangia Adventure

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Synopsis: Players gain access to playing a Quarlangian set in the ancient world.

GXP: These are gained normally although no investment is used. Rather, the total at the end of the QA is given to their respective UnMen characters. Quarlangians do not gain Blood points.

Death Mechanics: Once a character is made, he/she doesn’t actually die off. Player’s Quarlangians can be beaten into a torpor but will bounce back again and again, typically. However, there is an existing 20% GXP lost of a player’s Quarlangian total (using only the hundred’s digit. If you have less than 100 gxp, ignore the penalty therefore). If a player ‘dies’ during combat, but the party still succeeds, he gains the gxp as per normal and THEN takes the penalty.


Karatoa: Tall lanky humanoids with greyish skin, bearing hammerheads and shark tails.
+2 Str, +3 Con, +3 Dex
Enhanced Swim: Natural Swim speed is 7 and is not affected by in hand items.

Pelimar: Stout bodied humanoids with gills about the neck area. Glossy or fish eyed.
+4 Str, +2 Con, +4 Int, -2 Dex
Enter Quantum: Cease to Exist and return (duration = Chr mod) via teleport distance (Chr mod = distance). 1/enc

Ilsigor: Visually similar and a cousin tribe to Pelimar. Usually with thicker hair and a denser slightly shorter stature. Leaner musculature.
+2 Str, +2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Chr
-1 Swim speed, +1 Land Speed

Quarlangian Traits:
Pelagic: Water Breathing (Salt only)
+ 1 Physical Resistance
Ignores pressure extremes.
Swim Speed: 6, or 5 with only one free hand.
Land Speed: 6
1/Enc (Teleport 6 as Move)
1/Enc Energy Breaker (Close burst 1, Move) Enemy loses an energy resistance until save. No hit.
1/Enc Unknown Flow of Energy (Free action) (+ 4 to a stat until the start of your next turn.)
2nd Wind: Recover one quarter of your max hitpoints or use as a Reaction when in Death Spiral, rising back to your feet on a roll of 10 or higher with your hitdie type in both Temps and HP.
Torpedo: When underwater, if you charge 3 spaces or more, gain a +1d6 on your melee attack. Additionally, you torpedo vertically out of water as long as you arise from 3 spaces beneath the surface.

Weapons: Pick, Knife, Dart, Khopesh, Scepter (Wave Seer only), Spear, Javelin, Lance, Shield, Axe, Zweihander, Pike, Saber, Harpoon Gun, Crossbow,

Captain: Tough front line combatant who uses ‘Calls’ to encourage his allies. Cannot buff self.
HP: 5d12
Resistance:5 Physical Resistance
Bonus Damage: 1d8
Fortification: 60%

Call to Battle: (Move) Allies in 5 gain your Charisma or Strength modifier to their damage on that round.

Shared Spoils: One quarter of temps gained by the Captain for a kill go to each immediate ally in 5. (Aura)

Captain’s Determination: Spend a Move action this round building up your strength, but only after making a Standard attack. On your next round, your next immediate single target attack gains 1.5x time your modifier to damage.

Call of Celerity: You spend a Move action now and an ally in 5 may immediately shift or Move half his speed.

Interject: (Reaction) An ally in 2 takes a hit and does not use a Reaction to mitigate it. You immediately Slide adjacent to that ally’s space and then slide him 1 space away from the damage source. You then take the hit that was originally for him. (3/Enc)

Call to Action: (Full action) An ally in 5 may rise from Prone. That ally may also make a Common Attack, regardless if he/she needed to stand up.

Unbelievably Tough: (Reaction, 1/rd) After taking a critical hit, you may immediately make a Common attack regardless of status effects like Dazed. Also after taking the critical hit, your Physical Resistance total gains a 1.5x bonus until that enemy completes another turn. This effect does not stack in durations.

Holding On: Whenever you are down to 20hps or less (but not unconscious) and you take a critical hit, resolve the damage- regardless if you are standing after that or not, you gain a free use of your 2nd Wind. If you still have your 2nd wind, however, you get nothing from this.

Fury of the Oceanic Depths: (1/enc, Free action, Special.) Upon taking 3 critical hits and/or falling Unconscious from hitpoint loss by an enemy in a given combat, Fury of the Oceanic Depths is charged. Immediately after resolving damage, you are returned to your feet if relevant, regain one quarter of your hitpoints, and now may take a 2nd turn for the rest of the combat. In the combat initiative order, this will place you at -10 of whatever your first initiative was. You must choose to use this ability the moment it becomes relevant or it is lost. Additionally, you can not use Holding On until a new encounter starts.

Wave Seer: Semi-magic user with Reactions to avoid danger.
HP: 5d8
Resistance: 5 Energy Resistance
Bonus Damage: 1d12
Fortification: 20%
+3 Initiative Bonus
Cannot be Blinded, Cannot be Surprised, or Flatfooted

Crashing Waves: (Spell, Standard, Line 6) 2d8 + Int Force. Push all Enemies 1 space.

WaterSpout: (Spell, Standard, 1 target in Range 8) Launches a Medium or smaller sized target 10ft, and deals 1d10 + Int Force. Does not have Launch feature underwater.

Whirlpool: (Spell, Standard, Burst 1, Range 6) Enemies who are completely within the Burst cannot leave that AOE until they make a Save, which immediately shifts them to an open space just outside of it. Whirlpool deals 1d6 + Int dmg on the first round. The effect remains as a Minor action, but does not continue to deal damage.

Quantum Snap: (Reaction) You are hit with any form of enemy damage. Reduce damage by one quarter (round down) and teleport 3 spaces away from the source if possible. (1/enc)

Water Double: (Reaction) When crit, take only normal damage instead and teleport 1 space away from the source. (1/enc)

Fist of the Ocean: (Melee, Reach 2) 1d8 + Str or Con Force. Target is Slowed for 1 round.

Undertow: (Melee, Reach 2) 1d8 + Str or Con Force. Target is Prone and Pushed a distance equal to your Str or Con mod. (3/enc)

Watery Comet: (Spell, Close Burst 1) 1d10+ Str or Con mod Force. Enemies are pushed back 2 spaces. If you had a Slow effect on you, it is now removed.

Water Bead: (Standard, may be used as a Common Attack) (Non-provoking range 3) Deals 1d10 dmg against creatures, no modifier, ignores all Resistance.

Tsunami: (Spell, Special, Global, 1/enc) (Full action) Tsunami must be charged to use, requiring you to successfully strike enemies 10 times in a given combat. In the event you use AOEs to accomplish this, those will only count as ‘half a hit’. Once Tsunami is charged by your 10 hits, you may unleash it as a Full action. Tsunami damages all non-flying enemies on the board and deals no damage to allies. 2d10 + Int or Str or Con mod Force damage, Brutal 1. Additionally, non-boss enemies are treated as Prone. You have a +1 to hit when rolling to attack with Tsunami. Finally, Tsunami extinguishes all fires on the field.

Midshipman: Generalist, can deal damage but cannot take punishment as well as Captain.
HP: 5d10
Resistance: 3 Physical/Energy Resistance
Bonus Damage: 1d10
Fortification: 40%
Skirmish: Can use a Standard to attack while in mid movement. Does not take attacks of opportunity from said specific target of attack so long as attack is made no later than upon you being threatened.

Deckhand Fighter: (Full Action) In melee, the Midshipman can attack an enemy next to him and then shift half his movement speed (round down) to another target and attack them, but does not include Bonus Damage on the second attack. When using the Deckhand Fighter style in this way, the player may shift through water.

Conch Shell Stab: When making a Standard attack action at an enemy you have Flank on, deal an extra 3d6 dmg.

Torpedo Specialist: You are adept at the Torpedo technique. You deal 2d6 dmg with it, and may do the vertical leap tactic with only 2 spaces of movement instead of 3.

Forceful Throw: When using a Thrown weapon that hits, you may Push the enemy 2 spaces. (3/encounter)

Cronite Fighter: You are trained in a risky form of combat: fighting much bigger opponents in extremely close range. When fighting an opponent of a size at least one bigger than your own and have either flank or combat advantage, you may make a touch attack to begin hanging onto the opponent. While clinging to the opponent, you move with them and they have -1 to hit you during this time. You may attempt one Grapple check each round, increasing that penalty for a maximum of -3. During this time, you cannot be removed with a Grapple check from the enemy, but must be hit to be knocked off. When knocked off, you only take falling damage if the enemy is bigger than Large size. While ‘riding’ an enemy, your attacks deal double Bonus damage.

Surf: You surf at your full land movement speed on the surface of water using a portable surf board, but cannot shift while doing so. If you begin underwater, it take a full round from the surface to get upon the board effectively. While surfing, you have a +1 to hit any enemy beneath you. If knocked Prone, you land in the water.

Tidal Forces: Each kill you personally make increases your effective speed for Land and Swim by +1, to a maximum of twice your base speed. This remains until the end of combat.

Scale: Make a melee attack with a weapon that hits. If successful, the enemy’s defense drops by 1 until he makes a save. This effect does not stack. (3/enc)

Crash: You Leap (non-provoking), traveling up to half your movement in distance and height (do not take fall damage from this elevation). Upon landing, you may make a melee attack in a burst 1 or do a touch attack to enact Cronite Fighter instead. (4/enc)

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