Quantum Abilities

Reality bending talents native to specific beings. These can be taught by Vincente in exchange for Roger Bacon’s notes in TFZ. New Quantum Abilities are only listed here once they’ve been learned.

Quantum Falling: (Int or Chr 18) May move vertically half your Movement speed as a Move action. If you attack, Quantum Falling ends, causing you to plummet. If you do take falling damage after having just used Quantum Falling, you only take half damage.

Event Horizon: (Chr 18) Attempted out of combat every 10 mins per, this allows the user to effectively Cease to Exist, but has no awareness of surroundings upon doing so. The ability is programmed by a factor of how many hours of non-existing are desired and upon choosing, this cannot be changed. No actions beyond resting are allowed.

Erasure: (Chr 18) Target enemy gets save and dies if it fails. Does not work on bosses. May be attempted out of combat once per day and once within each encounter. Can be used on unattended objects. Creatures with objects get deleted together.

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Quantum Abilities

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