(Every character starts game with a perk of their choice. You get an additional one at lvl 6, 12, and 18. Some Icon of Power choices also give perks. If you have the existing perk that such and such level gives you, you are able to choose a different one. You cannot take the same perk twice.)

Overpower: (1/combat) Allows a 2nd attempt at an opposing grapple check.

Herculean Feat: (1/combat) Allows a 2nd attempt at a physical strength check with a +4 bonus.

Einsteinian Observance: As per Herculean feat but with Intelligence instead.

Convincing: As per Herculean feat but with Charisma instead.

Matrix: As per Herculean feat but with Dexterity instead

Nimble: (1/combat) Rise from the Prone position as a Minor action.

Staunch: Reduces forced movement against you by 1.

Bravery: (1/combat) Allows a 2nd attempt at making a fear based Save.

Savage: +1 Natural Attack damage

Sharpshooter: +1 Gun use damage

Barbarian: +1 Melee Weapon damage

Adept: +1 damage/heals on Spells as appropriate.

Reactive: +1 Initiative

Hale: +5 max hp

Enduring: +1 saves against DOTS

Coagulant Blood: Take 2 less damage from Bleed effects

Desperate Reserve: (Free action, 1/day) Gain your Con mod in temps. Unable to use Minor actions
rest of the day.

Speed Loader: (Once per round) Reload a gun as a Minor action.

Patchwork: Always start battle w/ a minimum of Armor points = half Int mod. You do not need to have Armor (gear) to use this. If you have more points currently in Armor than that number, this perk gives nothing.

Bullish: +1 movement on a Charge

Froggy: +1 to an existing Swim speed, +2 swim checks

Brachial: +1 to an existing Climb speed, +2 climb checks.

Stuntman: +2 drive checks

Recuperative: Add Con mod to temporary hps you get between battles.

Rally Raiser: +1 bonus to temporary hitpoints gained from kills.

Momentum: +2 damage on a charge attack

Selective: AOE attacks that target ‘creatures’ can be changed to target ‘enemies’

Adaptive Resistance: If your race has an energy resistance of 5 and you are struck in combat with a different energy type, you may switch your energy resistance to that type instead, but only at half efficiency (round down). It remains this way until the combat ends. You cannot use this on something you have an energy vulnerability to.

Lesser Energy Resist: Take any single energy type you have no natural resistance to and give yourself a 2 in that one kind. You cannot take one for an energy vulnerability you have.

Energy Affinity: +1 damage to a specific type of energy you deal. This does not count DoTs.

Hang in There: +1 on Death Save checks

Cling to Life: May undergo four failed death saves in a given combat before dying, instead of three.

Casting Range: +2 range on Spells

Eagle Eye: +2 range distance on the third tier of your Gun attack.

Summon Vehicle: (Must be a vehicle using class) (move, 1/hour) Calls your vehicle over (assuming it has hitpoints) to an open space adjacent to you.

Killdozer: +1 any vehicle damage

Implanted Bomb: While taking Death saves, you may attempt a last ditch effort to save yourself at the cost of making any further Death saves. Deal 1d12 + level damage in radiation in a close burst 1 around yourself, targeting all creatures. If you manage to kill using this technique, you immediately stand back up at 10hp. Failure means you have exploded and died instead. This must be done at the beginning of your turn before anything else. (Full round action, once per overall mission)

Massive Strength: When wielding a mandatory two handed melee weapon, you may now gain the 1.5x Str mod bonus on damage normally only had by two handing a one handed melee weapon.

Jaws of Death: When using a Natural Attack: Bite or Horns as a your primary attack, you gain a 1.5x modifier bonus on it.

Reaching Tail: When you possess a Natural Attack: Tail, it has an effective Reach of +1.

Cornucopia: When gaining the benefits of a Healing Decanter and rolling a 1 on any die, reroll that result.

Desperate Save: Once per day when making a non-Death Spiral saving throw, you may take a +4 bonus. After which, you have a -2 on all non-Death Spiral saves until 24 hours has passed. The perk cannot be used again until the penalty is gone.

Transferred Blood Lust: Whenever you level up at item that requires Temporary Hitpoitnts from kills (such as a Blood Card), you may add an additional +1 for each kill.

Persistent Irritation: +1 damage to a specific damage over time your class deals that involves energy. Must choose said energy type when purchasing this perk.

Hemoraghing: +1 to Bleed DoTs you deal.

Pistol-Fu: Can gain the sweet spot bonus in an adjacent range when using the Pistol.

Improved Rifle Wheelhouse: On your third tier, your effect range at the minimum number is two points greater when using a Rifle.

Living Large: When making a Death Save, you get back to health with a 19-20 now.

Glorious Wings: +1 Flight speed when derived from your class features (not from abilities), species, or form.

Returning: Thrown melee weapons return to your open hand after you throw them.

Move into Carnage: (1/combat) After killing an enemy, you may freely shift 1 space to where he stood, closer, or adjacent of where he was.

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