Stat changes do not affect previous hitpoint totals.
These features manifest regardless of UnMan form, often superceding them.
(Mutations listed as Transformations keep your Stats and Size, but remove all your Species/Form abilities and traits. A character may only have one Transformation result. Avatar class users are not subject to Transformations.)

1. Donkey Ears
(These remove and replace your normal ears, assuming you had any.)
+2 Perception. On a roll of 1 or 2 with a Charisma check, you make an ass of yourself and ruin everything.

2. Polycephaly
(You’ve grown a secondary head from your neck. It seems a little undeveloped.)
When you make a bite attack, you may add 1d4 to the damage. The head may use its own Helmet and speak coherently if given a Helmet with a minimum +3 enchantment on it. Treated as having intelligence 1 otherwise. -2 to stealth as the parasitic head babbles from time to time.

3. Polydactyl
(You’ve grown finger spurs just beyond where your pinky would be.)
Add +1 damage when using a Claw attack. When making a crit with said Claw, you also inflict a Bleed dot of 5. Your character may only wear 1 ring, however.

4. Blackhole Visage
(Like the Lake Witches, you have lost your face in return for a micro blackhole.)
You lose all Bite/eye related abilities. You instead gain a space that can be functionally used as a minor bag of holding capable of carrying 100lbs of weight. Objects inside can be retrieved as a Minor action. The hole cannot close and it will draw in things like water should you go swimming.

5. Body of Eyes
(You develop strange alien looking eyes on your limbs, similar to that of sea creature.)
You gain a +4 Perception check and a +1 Intimidate while the eyes are mostly uncovered. However, you also suffer all Blind effects 1 round longer than normal.

6. Clutching Spines
(You grow small curved tooth-like spines on your inner wrists and the front of your legs.)
While the spines are mainly uncovered, you gain a +2 to climb checks but only if you had no racial bonus to doing so before. Additionally, Slam, Grapple, and Kick type attacks gain a +1 dmg. The downside being you cannot wear Dedicated Armor very well. You innately lose out on 1 point less maximum Armor for each level you have on said magical armor.

7. Stretch Unstrong
(Your arms become rubbery.)
Once per round, you may make an in hand melee attack at +3 Reach. If you do so, you cannot use multiple attacks this round. You may also use your stretchy arm to grapple at a distance or reach a surface normally too high for you. Your skin must remain pliable however, so you suffer a Cold vulnerability of 5 in addition to any pre-existing amount.

8. Beheaded
(Your head no longer remains attached to your body. You still eat and breath with it.)
Your head may move independently on its own once per round at a Speed of 2. It can shift, but not run or use other forms of movement. The body gains the ability to see on its own in the meanwhile. You may carry the head in your free hand or otherwise. Both head and body share the same hitpoints and actions in all other cases.

9. Nitroglycerin Hemoglobin
(Your blood is partially replaced with combustive elements, giving you an appearance of black veins under your flesh.)
Once per round, when you are crit or Bloodied (for the first time), you immediately explode in a flash of fire in a close burst 1 as No Action. This automatically deals 5 fire to you and enemies, ignoring the first 5 points of Fire resistance.

10. Horns of the Minotaur
(You gain MASSIVE curved horns on your head.)
You gain a Horn based natural attack that deals 1d8dmg + your Str. If you already have a Horn attack, increase that die type by one step instead. Your initiative drops by 1.

11. Acidic Crop
(Your throat elongates and manifests a small pouch. Your spit becomes bright yellow.)
Gain a natural ranged attack that spits Acid for 1d6 + Con mod at an enemy within 6. You may do this up to 3 times per encounter. If you crit with this attack, it inflicts a DOT 5 acid. Your charisma checks drop by 3.

12. Mouth Gun
(Weirdly, a small hand with a fused derringer type gun has appeared in your esophagus. It cannot reach out or manipulate anything.)
You may fire a Gun based ranged attack for 1d6dmg + Dex or Con mod as a Standard action. You cannot dual wield with this. If you have a Bite attack, you may instead use this once per round as a Move action but cannot Bite that round. Mouth Gun gains whatever Gun bonuses you normally have.

13. Transformation: Turquiose Buddha
(You resemble the Buddha, if he was made of heavy marbled blue/white gemstone. You also weigh about three times as much as before.)
Enlightened: Once per game session, you may ask of yourself if the your chosen course of action is a good idea based on what you hope to achieve. This requires 1 minute of solid meditating.

Perks: You gain 5 Armor, +1 hp per level, and +2 Int.
Peaceful: Once per round, an enemy who crits on you cannot continue to attack you until the start of its next turn.
Downside: All your forms of Movement drop by 1. Your attacks also deal 4 points less damage. Your intense weight makes it harder for you to stand up from Prone, resulting in a Minor action being needed in addition to a Move to stand up. A standard action will still raise you up.

14 – 17. Transformation: Pelangian
(You have been infected with the reality of the unknowable alien gods, forever warping you. This is a very severe change leaving you not even a true UnMan anymore. The form you adopt is determined upon Transformation.)
Foreign Mind: You completely remove your Intelligence stat. All checks/abilities that would require an Int check now use Charisma. Gain a +4 in Charisma score.
Unreachable: You cannot be Charmed.
Staggered Physics: When brought to Bloodied in hitpoints, regain your level in Temps immediately. This occurs after the damage is taken. (1/encounter, no action)

Alien Forms
1. Headless, with an eggplant shaped humanoid body. Your mouth is relocated to your belly and your eyes are on your chest. You are brightly colored.
2. You resemble an imperfect inverted cone that balances on a single small foot. You have a single large eye by the top. You do not have arms but manifest their presence psychically. You have no true face and your body stands in an upright crescent moon shape. You are a vibrant red or green color.
3. Crawling four armed creature with leg-like appendages ending in hands. Your eyes and mouth are open ports through which anyone can see through. You body consists only of a vague head. You are utterly black.
4. Your body looks vaguely like a capital ‘Y’, with large staring eyes on the upper stalks and something that might be a mouth at the junction. You have no arms or legs, but you may manifest the presence of arms psychically. Your color ranges from subdued red, violet, or blue.

Traits by Form:
1. Halve any forced movement against you. Bite attack at 1d10 + Chr mod + 3.
2. Eye Beam: 1d8 Psychic + Chr mod. Range 10. Kick attack at 1d8 + Chr mod.
3. Climb/Swim 4. Boiling Blood: Close Burst 1 1d8 fire + Chr mod.
4. Float at minimum 6. +4 all Spell damage. May make Saves at start of turn instead of end.

Downside: You are incapable of speaking directly except in musical sounds (you can describe which kind and what it sounds like.) Only other beings (Pelangians, primarily) capable of using this language can communicate with you to any degree. You also lose the ability to be literate, which can prevent Scroll usage.

18. Pharaohnic Proboscis
(A long jutting black needle extends from your chin area.)
You can now make Bite attacks at +1 Reach. If you crit, recover 5 temps immediately.
On a roll of 1 or 2, deal 5 physical damage to yourself. This ignores resistance.

19. Phantom Afterimage
(A medium sized ghostly duplicate of yourself appears next to you.)
The Twin can occupy space and offer flank, but he cannot make any other physical presence in the world. He does not speak and has a muted personality. He can move whenever you take move actions. He takes no damage except from direct single target attacks. Upon being hit, he vanishes until the combat ends.

20. Goliath Hands
(Your hands swell to 3-4 times their normal size. They’re cumbersome, but strong.)
Add +2 to any Forced movement you have from a melee attack. Also gain a +3 to maintain or escape any Grapples. If you have a Slam attack, gain +2 damage.
With all Guns and Thrown weapons, you now Fumble on a 1-4. You also cannot take attacks of opportunity since your hands are too heavy to move fast.

21. Radio Head
(An old fashioned house radio replaces your head entirely.)
You gain the ability to communicate with any of your allies at a distance so long as they’re on the same world. Additionally, you gain the ability to speak any language, including Pelangian musical tones. You cannot be Blinded.
As a downside, you lose any ‘Head’ related abilities and traits, including Horns.

22. Echovorea
(Your face is removed except for your mouth and is replaced with a large circular maw of rotating teeth.)
You are cannot be Blinded in most circumstances. If you had a pre-existing Bite attack, gain +3 damage to that. Otherwise, you gain a Bite at 1d8 + Con mod damage that deals a DOT 5 Bleed on a roll of 18-20, but cannot crit. Use whichever is better. You now detect things by echolation and can make a Perception check in a close burst 5 as a Move action to detect the presence of creatures and objects. As a downside, you are treated as Blind to everything beyond 6 squares of yourself although you do not grant Combat Advantage as a result.

23. Talking Hand
(Your primary hand grows a vague set of eyes and a mouth. It is chatty.)
Once per day, the Talking Hand can give you a saving throw against a Disarm attempt against you. Similarly, it can drink your Healing Decanter as a Free action once per day, giving you the benefits. However, it is somewhat mischievous and snarky, sometimes talking when you don’t want it to or biting your fingers because you haven’t fed it enough. When using a melee weapon in the primary hand, you now fumble on a 1 or 2. You also have a -2 penalty to Stealth checks.

24. Shoulder Pipes
(You manifest long cast iron exhaust pipes from just under your shoulder blades. They periodically emit monoxide as you move.)
You gain +1 Land Speed and a +1d6 dmg on any charge attack. You ignore environmental cold due to an internal heating source so long as you are moving. Because you make smoke and engine noise as you move or fight, you are now incapable of doing any stealth check that does not revolve around remaining perfectly still. You are also unable to wear Cloaks.

25. Massive Upperbody
(Your chest, arms, and neck area expand heavily with dense muscle, causing you to hunch forward heavily. Your leg area shrinks by about 20%)
You gain the ability wield a two handed mandatory melee weapon in one hand. Your other arm, however, must be used to brace your body for being upright. Gain a +4 on Climb checks. On a crit, you may push the enemy back 1 space. Your Land Speed drops by 1 and you have a penalty of 4 on Balance checks from being so top heavy.

26. Stilt Legged
(Your shins elongate and contort to something resembling the lovechild of a goat and a stilt walker.)
You are treated as having a high ground advantage against any creature your size or smaller so long as you are standing on the same surface level, which grants you a +1 to hit. You also gain a specific resistance of 5 versus all Zone effects. As a downside, going Prone is a problem for you, requiring a Standard action to get back up and your Resistance does not apply if you are fallen in the Zone.

27. Methane Snorkel
(Your develop a long thick tail ending with a beehive shaped organ that perpetually emits a soft cloud of spores. If you have a tail already, only the organ at the end develops. You also develop a soft layer of grey/violet peach fuzz hair on your body.)
You no longer can breathe from your mouth, but can intake air from your tail. This allows you to effectively ‘snorkel’ at the water’s surface and it will process toxic fumes safely in addition. However, you still have to breath something and it cannot process liquid. Once per encounter, you may create a Close Burst 1 as a Standard action. Enemies struck by this attack are Pacified against you until they make a Save. Meanwhile, your body has developed a greater methane versus carbon focus, leaving you with a Fire Vulnerability of 5.

28. Arm Cannon
(Your secondary arm is replaced with a biomechanical cannon, leaving you with a weapon instead of a hand. It packs quite a whallop.)
As a Standard action, you may fire your Arm Cannon which discharges an explosive calcified shell, which gains all relevant Gun bonuses you have. It has a Range of 12 and deals 1d12dmg + Con mod in a Burst 1, dealing Siege damage. It requires another Standard action or 5 hp plus a Move action to reload. On a crit, it Launches enemies 10ft into the air. If you fumble, you deal half the total damage to yourself, ignoring your Resistances. Additionally, you can only wear 1 ring.

29. Devil’s Fork
(Your tongue becomes a horrible long and crooked wire-like black organ covered in odd forking points.)
You may attack with your tongue at a Reach of 3. It gains any relevant Bite attack bonuses. It crits on an 18-20, inflicting a stacking Bleed 5 on crit. Damage is other 1d6 + Chr or Con mod. You ignore anything less than total cover for this attack.

30. Husk of Iron
(Your exterior body is covered in a heavy malleable layer of iron. You have both the benefits and downsides to this.)
Heavily defended, you now gain All Resistance of 2 and gain 5 Fire Resistance. You are subject to 1 less square of forced movement as well. The downside is the weight slows you to a crawl. All forms of speed (Land, Fly, Swim, Climb) are reduced to half (round up in this case) and Slow effects last 1 round longer on you. Additionally, any Spells you cast gain zero modifier bonus since Iron is not conducive with magic

31. Evil Eye
(One of your eyes is removed and replaced with this crazed staring eye. It is colored a bright chalk-like green with a black pupil. It blinks of its own accord.)
Whenever you are Blinded, you get a +2 to the Saving Throw. Additionally, as an out of combat action, you may hypnotize a single sapient person once per day. They become suggestive to whatever is told to them, only getting a Saving Throw every hour or upon doing something suicidal. The Evil Eye also sees wickedness in others and delights in the host doing bad things outside of its nature. If the Evil Eye possessor does not engage in some terrible act once per day, the Eye will attempt to control it (via a Domination/Charm type effect versus a Save) into doing something to satiate that need. The effect ends when a evil deed beyond the personality of the character has been done or 12 hours have passed.

32. Eudaemon
(Your skin becomes a faded white as bluish sigils etch themselves all over your body. Your cranium elongates backwards slightly and your eyes have an obvious mystical glow to them.)
If you are a Spell user, you gain a + 1 to all Spell related effects every 2nd level. If you are not but use Energy damage or cast any form of a healing ability, that instead gains +1 every 3rd level. If you have a Helmet, the gxp costs are reduced by 10% for you.
As a downside, you have a Vulnerability of 2 to all damage that you do not have an existing Resistance for.

33. Alien Tendrils
(A set of reddish/purplish slick tentacles emerge from your back and loop over you like a scorpion’s tail.)
The Tendrils are capable of making natural Slam attacks at Reach 2 for 1d8 + Com mod damage. They can be dual wielded but do not threaten. While they attack, they appear to siphon a portion of energy in the process. If you manage to hit with both in a single round on the same target, gain temps equal to you Con modifier. As a result of those Tendrils, you cannot wear cloaks.

34. Reverse Elbow Prongs
(Long jutting pieces of calcification stick out back from the bottoms of your elbows. They are almost like small swords.)
Whenever you make a Shift around an enemy while already adjacent, you may melee attack him additionally with a Minor action using the Prongs. The Prongs deal 1d6 + Con mod in damage with a 19-20 crit, but do not threaten. On a roll of 1-2, you stab yourself instead.

35. Spatial Inversion Walker
(Whatever color your character is, immediately reverts. In most examples, you will look like something out of a photo negative.)
Once per encounter and only during combat, you flip yourself underground as a Minor action and stand upside-down in a semi-ethereal state You see the general outline of the actual world at your feet, including anything hidden/burrowed in the immediate ground. From there, you may use your Move actions to move about the battlefield as per normal, ignoring all threat, zones, and difficult terrain. You cannot interact with the normal world during this time and you cannot bypass obstacles on that side either, such as a closed door or gate. You may take whatever other actions you are capable of while inverted. At the end of your turn, you immediately flip back up to the real world.

36 to 39. Transformation: Elemental
(You adopt a semi-humanoid form composed of one of the elements and gain their characteristics.)

The Earth Elemental has a base movement of 4 and ignores all difficult terrain. He cannot Bleed and gets a + 2 bonus on DOT saves. He also gets Physical Resistance of + 2. He has a natural Slam attack which deals 1d10 + Con or Str mod and knocks enemies prone on a crit. He can rise from Prone as a Minor action.

The Fire Elemental has a base movement of 6. He is utterly immune to all fire and lava related damage, but has a stacking Cold and Acid vulnerability of 5. He possesses a natural Slam attack which deals 1d6 + Str or Con mod Fire. On a crit, he inflicts a stackable DOT 5 Fire. He may also make a ranged attack at a distance of 6 for the same damage, but cannot inflict DOT by doing so.

The Wind Elemental has a base movement of 7, may Fly at the same speed with a max elevation of 4. He is considered Floating and ignores Ground effects and difficult terrain. He gains a Bullet Resistance of 2 and cannot take falling damage. Because he is heavily immaterial, all his Strength related checks drop by 4.

The Water Elemental has a Land Speed of 5 and a Swim speed of 9. He possesses a natural Slam attack that deals 1d8dmg + Str or Con mod. He is immune to Poison and has a +4 to escape grapple checks. He does, however, gain a vulnerability of 5 to Fire and becomes Slowed for 1 round whenever hit by Cold damage.

40. Bilocated
(You split into two separate but otherwise matching beings, one black, one white.)

You can now be in two places at once. You split all your relevant forms of health between the two bodies, giving the White one the difference in the event of an odd number. The two bodies share the same action pool, but may both Move at the same time. All your resources remain in the same pool otherwise, as if your were still one character. Your other self counts as an ally. When flanking with your Bilocated double, you gain a + 1 to hit.

You may also choose to have your Bilocated double simply not be present at the start of a battle, even when Surprised. In that event, you choose which one is present and the other functions under the conditions of Cease to Exist. He may reappear adjacent to you as a Move action. Your double can also be on another place and function normally, although you share no special rapport for communication. Upon using a Healing Decanter, both bodies recover and you may send one of them away from the battlefield with Cease to Exist as part of it, as long as one does remain.


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