Icons of Power

For reference cost of $ needed per rank.

1. 1000
2. 3000
3. 6000
4. 10000
5. 15000

Henabrexibal- A swirling toxic purple star said to consist of an acidic surface, this entity was rumored to be known of in a distant primevil age. Regarded as ‘the secret whispere’, Henabrexibal accepted blood sacrifice from primitive cultures in exchange for knowledge of the future. However, his words eventually fell out of favor and he was regarded as one who taints knowledge with implications and plots relating to know one’s will.

1.+2 save on Fear
2.+2 acid damage (existing type)
3.Selective Perk
4.Divining (1 day) Get a cryptic response to a simple question.
5.+2 Int

Cuodrun- A boiling red mass in space referred to as the ‘Vampire Star’, this seething personality claims to be the eponymous force that made vampirism a reality. His only interest seems to be propagating this form of parasitism.

1.Gain +2 hp when an adjacent enemy heals.
2.+2 unholy damage (existing type)
3.Convincing Perk
4.Vampire Drain (Minor) Next attack you make before the end of your next turn, upon hit, you recover 1/4th the damage dealt as hitpoints. (1/day)
5.+2 Chr

Ovater- A poisonous violet/green colored star covered in toxic vapors. Ovater is a known but largely irrelevant entity. She has a passive nature that should not be mistaken for weakness. Ovater’s light is said to reach certain plants at night, giving them their dangerous qualities.

1.+2 herbology checks
2.+2 on poison saves
3.Einstenian Observance perk
4.Transfer Toxins (1/combat) If you make a poison save, you may transfer that effect to a single enemy within 3.
5.+2 Int

Marijuana Goddess- A festive joyful multiarmed woman resembling a genie wearing a small pointed turban. Dancing in the nightsky with her hookah of the cosmos, this Icon preaches that worrying is unneeded, that good or bad, whatever happens, happens. Life is best lived in joy.

1.+2 herbology checks
2.+1 hitpoint (non-temp) healing, taken and given.
3.Desperate Reserve perk
4.Shared Stash: (FA) Adjacent ally makes a save at a +1 upon use. (1/day)
5.+2 Con

Levine-Ra- A cold barren planetoid said to be a collapsed comet of some sort. Consisting of a cracked ice sphere, Levine-Ra reflects the light everywhere it comes across him. He is an entity in quiet reflection, studious, and bearing no passion. He is aloof and unmoved by much of anything.

1.+3 vs environment saves
2.+2 cold damage (existing type)
3.Coagulant Blood perk
4.Teleport (move, 1/day): 3 spaces
5.+2 Int

Vankanesh- A dusty brown planetoid said to lack any sense of moisture and almost no life. It is considered rather simple compared to most, almost as if a grazing animal in the cosmos. He is a quiet peaceful presence, living only in the moment with no ego or insights.

1.+2 dmg if you have First Strike before an enemy target attacks for the combat.
2.+2 Charge damage
3.Momentum perk
4.To the Point: Ignore difficult terrain when charging this turn. (1/combat)
5.+2 Chr

Tefbhulabrentl- A poorly understood cosmic ‘shape’ that might be a star or some amorphous thing of physics. Tef is said to be a major source of interference in terrestrial radio signals and that static is actually his unintelligible voice. Tef appears to variously change shape (usually spherical, sometimes a cube or triangle) and modify his appearance into various patterns seen around the cosmos, giving him the name ‘The Pattern Star’. Tef was once considered a diety relating to chaos, but no one’s really clear what it is.

1.Reroll any failed save against Fear at -2, once per turn.
2.+1 damage with combat advantage
3.Selective Perk
4.Hide in Plain Sight: (Full round) Simply stand still even while observed to qualify for a Stealth check. (1/day)
5.+1 to a single stat that isn’t Strength

Sawtooth Goddess- A kill crazed violent primal aged goddess wielding a double headed bronze sword composed of sharpened teeth fused to the metal. Considered a phenomenal warrior and a force of nature, this goddess reveled with the faithful on battlefields, painting the hills with the blood of whichever side was a loser. Said to be a patron of ancient berserkers.

1.+1 perception checks
2.+1 Melee Weapon damage
3.Momentum perk
4.Double Swing: (1/day) Before three rounds is up, gain Fumbleguard against the 1st fumble on any weapon attack during that time. (Minor)
5.+2 Con

Yob- A drab pulsating orange star that produces harmonic sound waves across the cosmos which resemble a bass guitar at low frequencies. Considered a muse to the aspiring musician, regardless of what song is played.

1.+3 to any performance check
2.+2 Sonic damage (existing type)
3.Matrix Perk
4.Thunder Clap (1/combat, move) Leap 4 squares in a line, up to 10ft high.
5.+2 Dex

Binelab- A curiously visual collection of charged electrons, Binelab is a white ‘twitching’ star form. Binelab is said to be a recorder of transient events and a protector of communication, no matter how complex or simple.

1.+1 perception check
2.+2 electric damage (existing type)
3.Brachial perk
4.Cuneform: (1/day) Translate a small section of unintelligible writing.
5.+2 int

Saturn-Warmacht: A living super tank that arose during the war to escape the field of battle after having been used for so long. Too powerful to stop, the tank was buried underground where it could no longer drive over entire villages.

1.+2 any vehicle check
2.+1 vehicle damage
3.Stuntsman perk
4.Plating: (1/day) Regain 10 Armor while driving any vehicle you own. (FA)
5.+2 Dex

Ungithiant- Legend states this creature was some form of unknown giant arthropod resembling a large beetle or tick that lived in mountains and canyons to eat the dead as well as those who fell into ravines. No one knows who or what it was, but it vanished from sightings after several years during the war.

1.+1 saves from falling off ledges when forced.
2.Any weapon w/ reach 2 or better now threatens at reach 2 instead of reach 1.
3.Staunch perk
4.Mutual Disaster: (1/day, reaction) When knocked prone, the enemy who did so is knocked prone as well.
5.+2 Con

Wings of Death- A forboding entity first known of during the dark ages, the Wings of Death is a harbinger of bad times to follow on the land beneath its shadows. It was treated like a god by some, resulting in cults which espoused the bad fortune it was sure to bring. By bringing said misery to other lands, the ones under the Wings of Death would be spared and perhaps given favor. Wings of Death supposedly resembled a massive pair of storm cloud colored wings, but no direct form was ever seen.

1.+2 any vehicle check
2.+2 Radiation damage (existing type)
3.Implanted Bomb perk
4.2/day Slow Fall 20ft (automatic)
5.+2 Con

Atmos- A famous bronze age warrior reknowned for his seemingly invincible body and famous exploits defeating monsters and evil armies. Sometimes quoted as being the first general.

1.+1 Push effects
2.+1 Melee weapon damage
3.Bravery perk
4.To the Point: Ignore difficult terrain when charging this turn. (1/combat)
5.+2 Con

The Great Wyrn- Said to be an ageless prehistoric monster in the form of a titanic worm bearing an oscillating mouth and tentacles who would devour man, beast, and castle alike. Similar in legend to the tarrasque of lore, the Wyrn is said to slumber beneath the hard earth for centuries before feeding on the unsuspecting world.

1.+2 escape from grapples
2.+1 Natural Attack damage
3.Staunch perk
4.Bolthole (Move, Rounds per day = Con mod) You may hide 10ft down in soft ground. You cannot be targeted, maintain actions, react, or take aggressive actions burrowed.
5.+2 Str

Athro- Known from a legend where a giant ‘thorned’ ape rampaged across the countryside. Athro was a cannibalistic wild beast who easily trounced whatever armor or weapon man brought against him. He attacked villages for years before mysteriously vanishing into myth and fable.

1.+2 climb checks
2.+3 maintain grapple checks
3.Overpower perk
4.Hand n’ Foot (2/combat, FA) If you are attacking with a claw or leg based attack, for this round you may treat them as being +1 reach.
5.+2 Str

Staln- An experienced woodsman, possibly the best in history, who learned to tame the wild using only things found in nature, both objects and techniques. He was known for being solitary, to the point, and by the end, rarely communicating. He outlived his lifespan by a great amount and legends claim he became a new species of tree upon finally resting.

1.+2 checks to intuit direct and location
2.+1 Natural attack damage
3.Brachial perk
4.Parkour- (1/day, FA) Land speed becomes Climb speed for 1 round.
5.+2 Int

Vulture 88- Regarded as the most dangerous mercenary in modern times. Vulture was a factionless gun for hire and a deadly crackshot. Known for never failing a mission, his very reputation would precede him enough to change entire battleplans. By the time he dropped out of the war, he singlehandedly dropped over two thousands soldiers acting alone.

1.+1 Max hp
2.+1 Gun damage
3.Speed Loader perk
4.All Sight (1/combat, FA) Ignore damage penalty for bad range for one round.
5.+2 Dex

Ariathema- An abominable three headed multiarmed spidery monster standing twenty five feet tall, this creature infiltrated large gatherings of military men in barracks and castles, slaying them with a tell tale venomous bite and leaving with little other trace despite her size. Despite being shot at and even bombed, this creature eternally rose again to attack, sometimes even with disembodied limbs.

1.+1 DOT damage
2.+2 Poison damage (existing type)
3.Reactive perk
4.Cast Web (Range 8, Standard, Burst 1. Once per combat.) Immbolized, saves ends.
5.+2 Dex

Faust- An infamous doctor from legend who made a deal with dark forces to resurrect his beloved. For all the good work he could have done, his obsession and warped sense of sacrifice and chivalry damned him.

1.+1 hp/temp received when using a Healing Decanter.
2.+2 Spell damage
3.Recuperative perk
4.Weapon Enchantment: Null Life (1/combat, Minor) (This will stack with other Weapon Enchants) (Self or adjacent ally, lasts 1 round) Disables healing on target until save made.
5.+2 Int

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