A professional killer with a gun and a steely disposition.

Requirements: Hands.

Weapons: Pistols, Rifles, Knife, Nunchuku, Kukri

Gun Resistance: 2 (+1 every 3rd level)

HP: 4d6 at start, +1d6 every level.


Bonus Damage:
1d6dmg lvls 1-10
1d8 dmg lvls 11-20

+1 dmg Pistols and Rifles

Bonus Perk:
Choose either Speed Loader, Eagle Eye, Nimble, or Reactive

Marked for Death (Minor, one enemy in 8) Target marked by you takes an extra 1d8dmg from your attacks. This mark remains until the target is slain or the battle ends. Only then may you place a new one. You may benefit from this damage only once per round.

2. Penetration Shot
3. Competence on Demand
4. Overwatch, Light Lite
5. Ricochet Shot
6. Sabotage
7. Marksman Shot
8. Belly Mount
10. Killer Impression
12. Double Tap
14. High Ground Vantage
16. Hidden Grenade
18. Aim
20. Explosive Headshot

Penetration Shot: (Standard) (Rifle) If you attack deals over 50% max damage potential, the bullet exits to continue to hit the next target past the target in the same line of fire. It cannot go past the second target. (Per combat = Int mod)

Competence on Demand: (3/day, free action) +2 to a single skill check.

Overwatch: (Standard) First enemy that pops into range from behind cover, you attack it (does not require a Reaction) with a Gun. Take a +2 to hit for this attack.

Light Lite: You can affix a small but effective light to your guns without hit penalty.

Ricochet: (1 enemy behind cover) (Pistol or Rifle) If there is a solid piece of cover unobstructed by any other hard obstacle that both you and your target have a clear line of sight to, your bullet can ricochet into it and then into the enemy. (Per day = Int mod) Max Range of shot is 8.

Sabotage: When disabling a trap, you merely turn it off instead of destroying it.

Marksman Shot: (1 per combat) Hit with Gun. Deal no damage. Enemy drops weapon in an open adjacent square. Or by his feet if there is none.

Belly Mount: No penalty from shooting guns while Prone

Killer Impression: Enemies adjacent to a target you deal a killing blow to have a -2 to hit on their next round.

Double Tap: (1 per day, Standard) (Rifle) Fire at two separate targets in first range increment at -2 hit.

High Ground Vantage: Gain a +1 to hit with Gun attacks if your elevation is 10ft higher than that of your enemy.

Hidden Grenade: (Standard, once per day) (Range 10, Burst 2, Siege) 2d8 + Int mod.

Aim: (Move) Gain a +1 to hit on your next single projectile attack so long as you do not move between activating this and making the attack.

Explosive Headshot: (Standard, Gun) This attack crits on 19-20. If you crit with this attack, deal an extra 2d12dmg. If the target dies from the E.H. regardless if it crits or not, deal 1d12dmg to adjacent creatures to that target. (1/day)

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