Doctor Emiel Borland

A Belgian master of sciences who graduated at the University of Antwerp in the early 1900’s, Borland is the de facto creator of the UnMen. An extreme genius, particularly for his time, Borland aggressively seeks out new knowledge and information in a long running goal to learn.

After graduating from the University under the mentorship of Professor Caskerian, with his fellow alumni, Dr Peter Veterren, the trio worked on a special project of the Caskerian within a structure only known as ‘The Factory’. There, the two alumni worked on a mish-mash of engineering tasks, often isolated from knowing what the purpose for an individual components was.

Eventually, the two colleagues completed their tasks under Caskerian and set about starting their own careers in super science. Around this time, World War One breaks out, bringing civilization to a relative standstill due to its all encompassing meatgrinder nature.

Borland delves into weapon design to feed the insatiable demand of the European countries, but eventually grows disgusted with the endless appetite for killing machines and bored with the weapons as a whole. He then designs weapons unknown of in previous times, where his products did not merely kill, but terrified and created mass suffering. These weapons were designed to make war seem as horrible as possible in a bid by Borland to convince the powers that be that war was unfeasible as a way to resolve things.

Instead the opposite happened. Unwilling to give any side too much power, Borland continued to sell to many sides even after he was branded a war criminal guilty of crimes against humanity. Irritated that the same people who condemned him also secretly sought to buy more from him, he became increasingly disinterested with the reality of the war in general, using it only as a way to generate income to fund his scientific pursuits.

Around this time, Doctor Veterren located him and told him that their mentor, Caskerian, had gone utterly mad. The Factory was being used to create abominations and entire villages were being taken inside to work or be ‘used’. Deciding Caskerian was out of his mind and could become an even bigger threat to the world, the two traveled to The Factory and after a prolonged battle, defeated Caskerian.

A terrible legacy followed as the two split control of The Factory and tried to make sense of what was there. Seeing things that never should have existed, the two sealed the Factory. From the knowledge gained from there, Borland was able to synthesize the first UnMen prototypes to aid him in his endeavors.

However, the knowledge of what Peter Veterren learned within drove him into a similar ghoulish madness and he took control of The Factory. Once more, Borland journied back and using his UnMen versus Peter’s anatomical component creations, slew his colleague. Borland was now the sole owner of Caskerian’s legacy.

Eventually, something catastropic occured as WW1 continued and Borland found himself out of time and space in a place called Ariadne’s Maze with an awareness that the world came to destruction of some kind. By the time the UnMen genuinely find him, Borland exists solely within a section of the maze trying to make heads and tails of what’s going on; not only what occured on Earth, but the strange new properties of the Maze as well as Caskerian technology that was found to be present within it.

As a person, Borland does not lack for confidence, but he is a realist. He understands the technology and physical law he’s trying to comprehend in the Maze may very well doom him, but he also believes he is the best chance anyone has to making sense of things. He is easily a super genius but lacks the ego to be a stereotypical mad scientist. His personality is often cold, uncaring, and to the point, but he occasionally lets slip a notion of humanity. Occasionally, his tone gives into frustration and brooding.

Borland’s outlook is purely scientific in nature. He does not readily or willingly believe in magic, so much as there are things he doesn’t yet understand. When something is known, it becomes a form of ‘science’. If he has a half understanding of something, such as ‘this reliably causes that but I can’t explain why via known physics’, he may describe it as being a grey area like alchemy. That said, he never practices magic, leaving whatever ‘magic’ seeming things and practices he comes across to his minions if that he might study them from afar.

Borland is unable to leave Ariadne’s Maze due to his connection to the Ouroboros Drive. Similarly, he has little direct influence over the area and can be found in several locations without visibly leaving a room due to some quirk of the Maze or the Drive.

Through the records hidden in the Ouroboros Drive, Borland later learns his fellow colleague, Doctor Peter Veterren, was intended to be the possessor of the Ouroboros Drive itself. This apparently never transpired as Peter went mad before any sign that he ever had access to the Drive. Caskerian mentions in his journey that he ultimately did not trust Borland as an heir, calling him ‘The Little Caesar’ for his highly ambitious nature.

In the end, Borland helps the Consortium build their laser for lobotomizing planets and Aunanaki, and uses the Yellow cannon to help the UnMen defeat the entity. He then sets his Grand Experiment in motion, and sets the Ouroboros Drive to self destruct so that no one can ever again claim such power. Finally, he disconnects himself from the Drive and sets himself for greater erasure. The UnMen say goodbye to Borland as he tries to keep himself from becoming emotional. Caskarian is the last one to ever see him.

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Doctor Emiel Borland

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