Borland's Manifesto

“The Grand Experiment”

After witnessing Caskerian’s Manifesto, Borland feels a sense of sorrow with all that he has done and begins to think he has become too cold and lost his way. He apologizes to the UnMen for re-animating them and treating them like weapons or tools. However, he does come to an idea about how he wishes to approach things in the long term instead of simply science for science’s sake.

*Borland sees the celestial bodies, particularly the Annunaki, as meddling forces that promote only an order they endorse. He excepts Anima Mundi from this as she is not a decision maker, only a neutral embodiment of the universe.

*Borland’s exact interest is to recreate the universe and replace the existing one with himself as the sole administrative catalyst to make it happen. While he acknowledges this will cause a great deal of violence and suffering given how things work, he states his interest is to ‘to shake up the box, does not mean to break everything inside of it’.

*Borland wishes to remove what he considers are the arbitrary ruling structures within the universe. There would be no Annunaki and likely no intelligent celestial bodies. The entire point of his universe would be a form of self determination, where free will exists without the invisible hand of fate to condemn anyone. Further, he would leave things to run autonomously so that someone else might have the possibility to do things better than him and create their own independent universe, should they be so capable. This is called the Grand Experiment.

Borland’s Manifesto succeeds in the larger sense. The Hierarchy is broken. Although the UnMen convince him to leave the existing universe alone, he successfully begins the Grand Experiment.


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Borland's Manifesto

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