Allied Reinforcements

In the latter segment of events, the UnMen are running desperately short of qualified replacements to take their spot should they fall in battle. And Mud Men aren’t up to the task. Fortunately, the Consortium’s Keepers and the former Dancers now known as the esoteric Tzitzimitl, have both agreed to take the fight to the enemy should the UnMen no longer be able. While they cannot be spliced as the UnMen were, they have many of the UnMen’s memories, both in prowess and mind.

Campaign Progress: Both begin with all Seals the UnMen have acquired up to the 12th Kalpa.
Social Quirks: Keepers are favored by the Consortium. They are regarded very suspiciously by Borland. Tzitzimitl are favored by the various Deities but are regarded warily by the Celestial Bodies.

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The Keepers
The Tzizimitl

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Allied Reinforcements

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