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Furred / Giant

Stat Modifiers:
+ 6 Chr
- 4 Int
+ 1 to two stats every 4 levels

Stats (Level 4)
Str 11
Dex 11
Con 15
Int 8
Cha 23

Large sized: Enemies only have a +1 to flank you.
Agile: (1/combat) Shift as a Minor action.
5 Cold resistance
-1 Save versus DoTs (Canceled by Enduring Perk)
Sweeping Fist: A single target primary attack you have with a melee/natural weapon may be done as an Arc attack, striking two enemies adjacent to each other. You cannot combine with this with any form of multiattack or dual wielding. (1/day)
P.H.D.: Gain a damage bonus against Prone enemies equal to half your Str or Chr modifier, whichever is higher.
-2 Iniative

HP: 4d8 to start. 1D8 each additional level.
Weapons: Whip, Crossbow, Harpoon Gun, Knife
Physical Resistance: 2 (+1 every 3rd level)
Bonus Damage: 1d6 at lvl 1-10.
Whip Mastery: You are an expert in use of the whip beyond all others. In your hands, it is an entirely different weapon for all purposes. The following apply specifically when using the Whip.

  • Threatening Reach: 1. You gain Threat 2 at level 9, and Threat 3 and level 18.
  • May use Dex mod instead of Chr mod for Whip damage.
  • At level 10, Whip damage increases to 1d8.
  • Whenever you make a whip attack an enemy, you may push them 1 space.
  • You may critically hit with the Whip on a 19-20.

Level-based abilities: (up to 6)
Draw and Quarter: Make a Common whip attack against the enemy. If it hits, it also gets a Bleed of 5, save ends. (Bleed 6 with perk)
Whiplasher: At this level, you get a choice. You can either choose to gain the ability to make a double attack with the whip (treat as Dual Wield) or you may gain Shield proficiency. Once the choice is made, it cannot be changed again until you level again.
Eye for Weakness: (Minor, 1/round) Gazing at an enemy in 8, you can immediately determine what, if any vulnerabilities, it possesses.
Rough Lash: Your talent with the Whip increases with deadly accuracy of your attack. Gain Brutal 1 on all Whip attacks as well as a 1.5x times modifier for it. If you have a similar modifer bonus, this becomes a x2 modifer bonus instead, but increases no further.

Icon: Atmos
Perk: Enduring (cancels -1 vs DOTS), Hemoraghing (+ 1 / 6 levels)
GP: 200/level (- 500)

Decanter Mk 1
Dog Tags Mk 3
Whip Mk 1
Body Armor Mk 1
Crossbow Mk 1


Thoreau is a giant ape who fancies himself something of a gentleman adventurer.


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