Harry "Chink" Charlesson

A swarm of chattering teeth with a large pair of greaser style sunglasses for a head (the thick framed aviators) all held in place by a short leather trench and dark blue collar slacks.


Swarm / TimeGhost UnMan Hitman

Level 9

Str – 11
Dex – 28
Con – 16
Int – 22
Cha – 18

Kukri x2
Luger P08 x1 (MARK III) level 4
Lee Enfield Mk3 (MARK IV) Level 1

Physical resist 4, gun resist 8 total
HP = 136
Armor = 55
Temps = 68
Move = 5
Cannot be grabbed or grappled
Can fight in and underwater with no penalty
Enemies get no flanking bonus against him
Breathes salt water
Small sized

Sharpshooter, Pistol Fu, Imp Rifle Wheelhouse, Reactive

+1 to gun damage from monkey people
+1 to gun damage from Hitman
Ox driving skill
+3 to dance
+3 to stealth
+7 total initiative bonus

Charged cards – 7 of spades, K of Spades, Jack of Spades, 9 of clubs, 6 of spades
Levelled Baubles – Perfect Scope, Borlandean Gyro
Levelled Seals – Seal of Zeruel

Seals – Vulcan, Noah, Zeus, Wormwood, Amon, Ariadne

Jormungander Apothean Form

Level 6

234 HP


This Hitman is well read, well educated and VERY quiet. He is charming in his own way, but says little and prefers to think quietly. He is not impulsive, but he does not like to wait around and see, preferring to be the determiner of his destiny, rather that somebody waiting for things to happen. He is not reckless, but he will not shy away from danger, or seek an easier path. He only answers to “Chink” if you address him any other way, he will assume you are not talking to him. He is Dry and matter of fact, adopting an “it is what it is” view on existence.

He made it up to the party after some fun in the maze, he possesses Mathias’s memories (due to a dance with Swan Diver) to a point, and has seen Borland and gotten the explanation of what’s going on. He was the only one of the party of 4 he traveled with to enter the maze, and navigated it alone. Coming out in the Star Fallen Glen, it was easy to follow the trail of destruction to the party.

After defeating the Entity, Chink chooses to join the Olympic pantheon, becoming one who champions those who stands against the overreaching ambitions of others.

Harry "Chink" Charlesson

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