Pygmy / DNA of Lapis Librix Unman

Stat Modifiers
+ 2 Dex or Con
+ 2 Chr
+ 2 Int
- 2 Str
+ 1 / 4 lvls

Weapons: Sceptre, Club, Pistol (non-dual wield), Knife, Stein, Saber

Resistance: Physical Resistance: 1 (+1 every 3rd level)

HP: 4d6 to start, 1d6 every level thereafter.

Bonus Damage: (Doll Master only) 1d4

Racial Abilities

  • Small Size (+3 stealth)
  • + 1 Land Speed
  • Cease to Exist: (Full round action, 1/combat) You may simply wink out of existence for a time = your Chr mod. You take no effects (they are paused) and can do no actions but to re-enter reality in the same spot. If the spot is occupied, you reappear in the next open space. Your awareness is limited to 2 squares from where you started.
  • Intangible: (move, lasts until the start of your next turn) Attacks have a 50% chance to miss you. At the same time, you only deal 50% normal damage. (once per combat)
  • Quick Rise: (1/combat) When prone, stand up as Minor action.
  • Rally Raiser perk
  • Cannot use mandatory two handed weapons.
  • Forced Movement Vulnerability: 1

Class Abilities

  • Dolls

CLass Abilities (up to level 6)

  • Yo-Yo
  • Tug the Strings
  • Hide in Satchel

Jenny appears to be a pretty little girl of about 7 years. Occasionally, particularly when upset or agitated, she assumes a deathly, ghost-like pallor.

Despite her unusual (mostly) normal appearance, or perhaps in some way because of it, her mental state is far more tenuous than that of typical Unmen. She believes that her father, Vincente, has sent her to live with her uncle, Dr Borland. The various Unmen are friends, servants and associates of her uncle’s. Regardless of the fact that she is surprisingly capable, her perceptive framework is decidedly skewed, beginning with the her inability to acknowledge herself as an Unman.


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