Geza's Extra Backup Character


Beast / Giant Scorpion
Dark Zombie (Unleveled)

Uses a Gauntlet as proxy to augment natural attacks

Stat modifiers:
+1 to any
+2 Str
+2 Con
-2 Dex
+1 to any two stats every 4 levels

Level 1 Stats: (racial bonuses factored in)

Racial abilities:
Medium (non-humanoid)
+1 Land Speed
Upgraded Natural Attacks: (Base 1d6 → 1d8 → 1d10 → 1d12 → 2d6)
+1 any physical skill check
-2 any Intelligence checks
Climb at Land Speed
Claws: 2d4dmg
Stinger: 1d6dmg (Dot 5 poison) or (Slow status)
Full Assault: May attack with both Claws and Stinger as a Full Round Action
+2 on endurance checks

Class abilities:
Physical Resistance: 1 (+ 1 every 3rd level)
Unholy Resistance: 3 (+ 1 every 3rd level)
HP: 4d10 at start, +1d10 every level.
Bonus Damage: 1d8dmg lvls 1-10
Claw Damage:
1d6 + Str mod.
Becomes 1d8 at lvl.4
1d10 at lvl.8
1d12 at lvl 12
2d6 at lvl 16
2d8 at lvl 20
(If you are using a different Natural attack, the damage values use this as well.)
Brutal 1: When using natural attacks
Sluggish: Your base Land speed defaults to 5.

Level-based class abilities (up to 5):
2. Crit Defense
3. Move In!
4. Bellow
5. Perk: Cling to Life

Icon: The Great Wyrn
Perk: Savage (+1 / 6 levels)
GP: 200/level
Decanter Mk 1
Dog Tags Mk 3
Gauntlet Mk 1


Drown chose his name after he was told the story of The Scorpion and the Frog. For him, it espouses the notion of “Be true to thyself”, though he would never phrase it as such.

Of course, given that he’s a giant, undead scorpion the notion of him being true to himself can be deeply disturbing.


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