Geza's PC


Hulk / Time Ghost Unman Painkiller

24 Str
10 Dex
12 Con
12 Int
14 Cha

Icon: Atmos (Level 0)

Perk: Herculean

Racial Abilities:

  • Large size (only grant + 1 to flankers)
  • 5 Land Speed
  • + 1 physical resist
  • Pelagic
  • Swim speed 7 (5 if one hand occupied)
  • Quantum 1 / day

Class Abilities (Level 1):

  • Weapons: All one handed (no shields)
  • Resist All 3 + 1 / 2 levels
  • Trauma
  • Backlash
  • Relief Pulse

Equipment (Cost: 450)
Mk 1 armor
Lupara Shotgun (sawed-off)


Apathy joined the Unmen when they returned to Borland after Thane’s death, which is when Six infected him with the mutagenic stabilized antimatter.

His body is that of a giant Quarlangian, topped with an elephant skull instead of a head.

Apathy has a keen interest in the Quarlangians, and seeks all he can about them and who he once was. Given his strong sense of justice, it seemed likely that he would seek redress for their genocide.

When he underwent a form of past-life regression with the Jinn Bo, Apathy learned that he has been a Pelimar Wave Seer by the name of Shard, and that he had served on the Mariner’s crew. As such, he resumed the use of his Quarlangian name from that point on, feeling that it reflected his truer self.

In a sense, Shard’s search to redress the genocide of his people was accomplished when the UnMen convinced Wormwood to accept Heizenroux’s offer of a new life and Wormwood’s body destroyed the Font with overwhelming pelangic contamination. However, he feels no pride at the destruction of the Council. Rather, he feels a sense of shame at subjecting living beings to such a fate, intermixed with a determination to see that their “sacrifice” not be in vain.

After speaking to Etrum and the Demiurge, Apathy came to the conclusion that he might be able to see his goal of both Ariadne’s and Borland’s manifestos succeeding if he can create a tesseract, as Heizenroux had once done. Etrum warned him that it would be no easy task, but Apathy is determined to see both safety for this universe and for his people.


Having bested the Behemoth clan in a challenge of strength, he was granted the Behemoth apotheosis to continue the fight against the Hierarchy.

After defeating the Entity, Shard journeys the Maze for over 75 years, accompanied by Serket and Vincente. During that time he grows in wisdom, becoming a Buddah-like figure. Finally, he reaches the DemiUrge who grants upon him his tesseract.

With this, he creates a new home for the Quarlangians and those with Determination, his Sanctuary.


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